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Best binance pump signals telegram

2022/09/25 - 21:47

Pump and dump digital currency scams start by advertising huge profits of several hundred percent in a short time through Telegram channels. This type of crypto signal fraud also exists in Iran, where the price of digital currencies becomes lower and the size of the small market is manipulated.

Pump and Dump is an old type of fraud in which the price of a stock is artificially and unrealistically increased by publishing exaggerated news (Pump) so that fraudsters can close their stocks in a price bubble. After the sale of shares, the price will drop (Dump) and people will suffer a lot.

Best binance pump signals telegram

Best binance pump signals telegram

If you are an investor or trader in the digital currency market, you have probably heard words like pump or dump. binance pump signals telegram and dump are an illegal method in financial markets and is not limited to digital currency. But now, due to the expansion of the online space and especially the popularization of encrypted digital currencies, this method has become much more common among fraudsters compared to before.

Pump and dump happen when a group of large seed investors, an investment company or in general a person or group with a lot of capital, decides to artificially and unrealistically increase the price of a commodity, digital currency or stock. Lift up These people buy a large amount of that asset in advance and make a huge profit by raising the price. The pattern of pump and dump in digital currency is exactly like this. Also, pump and dump happen in shallow markets. Assets with low market value are more at risk.

By now, when you are active in the digital currency market, you may have heard that a friend or acquaintance bought a currency and after a while it was pumped and made a huge profit. Or maybe this case has been reversed and their value has been dumped and their coldness has been reduced by half or even less. Also, everyone probably has a friend who became a billionaire with Shiba. Because Shiba digital currency grew significantly due to its listing on Binance exchange. So that if a person bought Shiba for one dollar in 2019, he would have about 1 billion tomans now.

What is digital currency pump and dump scam?

Simultaneously with the increase in the use of social networks and the popularity of the digital currency market, pump and dump fraud has also found its way to cryptocurrencies and unlike the old history, it is much easier to be implemented by fraudsters.

Pump and dump are implemented in different ways, but one of the most common and easiest methods of fraud in digital currencies is pump and dump with the help of social networks such as Telegram.

Digital currency telegram pump and dump

If you come across a hail channel where it was supposed to be at a specific time, consider buying a coin or a smaller crypto signal leaks that will make a few hundred percent profits in a short period of time, most likely you were pumped and dumped with a telegram channel and You are going to put all your capital into the channel owner's pocket soon! In this cryptocurrency scam telegram channel, usually a digital currency with a low price and low market volume is introduced to the audience at the time of their visit, and its price increases artificially with the help of the audience's own buying pressure (digital currency pump). In the end, fraudsters who have already invested in the same coin sell at high prices and suffer from the audience of the channel when the price drops (digital currency dump).

An example of pumping and dumping cryptocurrencies in Telegram channels

In order to be able to better recognize this type of digital currency fraud, we examine an example of cryptocurrency binance pump signals telegram.

You are not going to meet people who are experts in block chain or cryptocurrencies, or even professional traders of digital currencies, usually you will not find any special names and customs and resumes of the owners of these types of channels. The number of members of these channels is usually a fixed number if they are not exposed as a scam and their channel is not blocked, because if you lose all your capital once, you will definitely leave this channel and fraudsters add new people with advertisements. 

Let's get rich together, dollar income, multiple profits, buying Shetcoin and digital currency market whales are some of the expressions that you will definitely see in the messages of these types of channels.

Usually, sometime before the fraud, advertising messages are published on the binance pump signals telegram. Messages that are constantly published before the time of announcing the name of the specified coin or digital currency:

  • "Tomorrow we will make the biggest price increase together!"
  • "In 4 hours, the signal to buy digital currency will be published!"
  • "2 hours left to pump and get 400% profit!"

Fraudsters with these messages not only do more advertising to increase the bubble price, but by observing the number of contacts who see the messages, they estimate the volume of possible money coming in by the victims so that they can calculate the possible price increase before they come in and sell orders. Adjust the digital currency that they have already bought. Some of them are completely honest polls of channel members!

After announcing the name of the relevant coin or digital currency, the audience of the channel rushes towards it and by buying more and increasing the demand in a short time, they automatically increase its price. Basically, they are buying digital currency at unrealistic prices, from the channel owners themselves, and at the same time, the fraudsters' sales orders are being filled by people.

At the end, the profit image will be shared on the channel. People who were a little more cautious and preferred to just watch, seeing the profit that actually happened, may be the victims in the next price pumps.

Is it possible to make a profit from pumping digital currencies?

To answer this question, it is enough to look at the pumped digital currency price chart in the example above. In the foreign binance pump signals telegram discussed by us, the coin MTH or Monta was introduced, which in the end grew by 140%.

By examining the price history of MTH at the time of the pump, the shadow of the 140% green candle on the date of sending the channel message is determined. But by reducing the time frame of the chart to 1 minute, it is clear that the time to make this green candle was only 1 minute! It means that it only took 1 minute from the time Coin was announced on Pump and Dump Telegram channel to reach the highest price and achieve 140% profit. In your opinion, how many channel members have been able to buy MTH digital currency after the announcement and sell it after the price increase? Almost no one! Because people's share of this chart is the red candles that happened after that, and the main profit candle represents people's purchase from fraudsters.

How to detect cryptocurrency pump and dump scams

In addition to not knowing the identity of the administrator of Telegram channels or other pump and dump social networks, the promise of multiple profits in a short time and the signal to buy digital currencies at a certain time, more important points should be paid attention to in order to detect pump and dump fraud.

Digital currencies are usually introduced in these projects, which have a small price and market volume. In the example above, MTH digital currency at the time of the pump was only worth 59 satoshis (59 x 8-8 × 10 BTC). MTH is ranked 1030 on the CoinMarketCap website with a market cap of $14 million. For example, at the time of writing this article, Ripple (XRP) ranks 7th in the digital currency market with a market cap of 51 billion dollars. With a simple comparison, we will understand that there is no reason for the 1030th coin in the cryptocurrency market to have a 140% increase in price in one minute, and it must be a bowl under half a bowl! The only reason is that due to the small market size of this coin, the pressure of buying from a Telegram channel can affect the price, and the low price of this coin causes price changes to be accompanied by high percentages.

Pump is called when a digital currency grows very much in a short time and its price chart goes up sharply.

Pump is called when a digital currency grows very much in a short time and its price chart goes up sharply.

Iranian binance pump signals telegram

Changing and manipulating the price with the aim of making a profit, or pump and dump, is officially a scam, and the FBI and CTFC (United States Commodity Futures Trading signals) have warned the American people about it. But this type of cryptocurrency scams also exists in Iran, and considering the current conditions of Iran's economy, many people become victims of these projects.

Pumping the price of cryptocurrencies or tokens is not only limited to this style of Telegram channels, but the token or digital currency without support may grow artificially only with advertising, so be aware of the white paper, the members of the developer team and the currency roadmap. Desired digital is not a sufficient condition for investment, but it is necessary.

Since according to the decision of the government board in August 2018, all the risks of buying and selling cryptocurrencies have been left to the people, it is better to do more under the current regulation of digital currencies in Iran and by increasing awareness and information about cryptocurrencies from causing losses. Prevented.

Pumping the price of cryptocurrencies or tokens is not only limited to this style of Telegram channels, but the token or digital currency without support may grow artificially only with advertising, so be aware of the white paper, the members of the developer team and the currency roadmap. Desired digital is not a sufficient condition for investment, but it is necessary.

What is a digital currency binance pump signals telegram?

You may have heard a lot about pump channels from your friends and family. It is also possible that you have participated in some of these pumps or dumps. But what is a digital currency pump signal? Pump (Pump) is called when a digital currency grows very much in a short time and its price chart goes up sharply.

 Digital currency dump is the opposite of this statement, and a digital currency has a very large decrease in a short time, and its price chart also turns downward. This pump and dump may occur with rumors or news or widespread advertising in social networks. So, so far, we have learned about the topic of digital currency pump. But this is just the beginning and you should go to the next article.

Example of binance pump signals telegram 

In this section, you can see an image that gives you a better understanding of pumping and dumping an asset. 

Digital currency pump and dump signal example
Digital currency pump and dump signal example

What is a binance pump signals telegram?

There are channels in the Telegram social network that are specially created for pumping and dumping digital currencies. These channels are looking for people who will be fooled by their strategy and can control them. But how? Let us first "pour clean water on your hand" and say that the activity of such channels is an absolute "fraud".

The way it works is that they monitor a digital currency that has a low price and a small market volume. Then they attract a large audience in a limited time using advertisements, rumors, lies or other methods.

After attracting a large audience and reaching into their pockets who want to make multiple profits, they announce the time when the currency of this digital currency will be pumped and set prices for your entry and exit from the transaction. So far, no problems, and everything has progressed naturally and fairly sensibly.

It is at this stage that all users buy the desired digital currency according to the announced time and price, and artificial price growth is created, which is exactly what the users themselves cause the price to increase. But this is not the end and the investors who invested in this cryptocurrency sell it at the highest price and then we see a sudden downward trend which is the dump.

 This is where all the people who participated in this pump will lose big. Of course, not all of these people lose money and may be able to receive their profit according to the time and speed of action that the trader has, which mostly a limited number succeed in doing this.

I think the digital currency binance pump signals telegram channel issue has been solved for you and you don't have to think about pump signal and dump signal anymore. The best thing is to focus on your trade and transactions and not get involved in such tempting issues.

Which binance pump signals telegram is valid?

It is unnatural for pump and dump signal channels to be authentic and they only survive and continue to operate by fraud. A small percentage of these channels may have the correct activity, which is just a show, you don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

The factor that may tempt you to participate in pump and dump signals is "greed". Greed for more money, greed for profits with high percentages and...

These channels precisely target your emotions to make you dependent on the signals. Let's say you participated in a pump and suffered a huge loss. Then you will see a message on the channel that promises to compensate people for their losses, which on the surface, this message is placed for the purpose of compensating your losses, but in reality, it means more losses and more capital is supposed to be in the next signal. Lose the with the thought that "put more capital to compensate for the previous loss!" And it is in this situation that you blow everything you have.

If digital currency signal pump channels claim that digital currency X on the Binance exchange has moved exactly as we said and predicted, they are absolutely right because artificial buying pressure has been created and when buyers of a digital currency suddenly increase. It is natural that its price will also grow; so, this talk is completely pointless and is just to justify their actions. In fact, these people themselves have caused such a situation.

How digital currency pump groups work

Everyone buys a currency at a specific time and artificially increases its value by 10s or 100s and then depletes it.

In this way, in less than a few seconds, the managers of these groups get rich, be careful, managers, and it is rare that the users also make a profit.

Important: We offer you Asia signal channel. There is no pump and dump here, membership in the channel is also free, our collection finds currencies prone to growth and then signals, and in less than a few days, naturally and we all benefit from fraud and trickery.

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