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Recommendations for using pre-investment signals

2021/11/23 - 21:56

Unlike many sites that only think about selling their signals and do not care about the investment and profitability of their subscribers, Persian Elite always considers its biggest goal to be the complete satisfaction of its subscribers, so we strongly recommend that the tips are taken as seriously as possible to be more profitable so that with your greater profitability and trust, we will be more encouraged than ever by your satisfaction:

1- The most important point to consider is that you should never emotionally allocate all your capital to one signal and for each signal introduced, you will end up with 5% of your capital. For single-input signals all this 5%, for dual-input signals that have two buying points, 50% of this 5% at each point, and for signals that have three buying points in case of loss, respectively 15, 30, and 55% and invest 5% of it and make your average withdrawal after making a profit.

2- Using leverage is always tempting. You can also use the lever with the introduced spot signals, but we do not recommend a lever with a coefficient higher than two or three. Just as high odds tempt you to make more profit, they also destroy your capital and profit with a slight fluctuation.

3- "Shit Coin" signals are recommended only to people who are interested in this field and risk-taking, and that with only one percent of their capital! Do not forget that just as these shit coins can have very heavy pumps, they also face heavy dumps on the same scale that investing too much in them can seriously damage your capital.

4- In relation to the news and fundamental analyzes of currencies that are shared with you, our dear member, preferably from 4 to 6 days before the estimated time for the growth of that currency, buy the desired currency and after seeing the profit, sell it at the appointed time.

5- In the signals that have two or three targets, if you reach the first target, sell 55% of the desired currency and the stop loss point (the number that you order the full sale of your currency if the value of the currency falls) to change the initial signal number of the signal. If you reach the second target, sell 30% of the currency you bought again and put the stop loss amount on the first target, and if you reach the third target, sell the other currencies as well.
 BUY : 0.04

TP1 : 0.06
TP2 : 0.07
TP3 : 0.08
Suppose we give you this signal. You buy TRX currency for $ 4 for $ 100. You set your sales number at 3 cents so that you do not suffer heavy losses in case of experts' mistakes and accidental losses. If according to reputable experts, TRX reaches 6 cents, you will sell 55% of your purchased TRX and set your stop loss at 4 cents. This makes it possible for you to withdraw 55% of your capital with a 50% interest rate of 4 to 6 cents and get back 45% of it at the same initial rate, even if the TRX falls for any reason. If TRX reaches 7 cents again, you will sell 30% of your currency with a 75% profit and place the stop loss point on the first target, which is 6 cents. By doing this you have sold at least 30% of your capital with a profit of 75% and the rest in case of a fall of the currency value with a profit of 50%. If the last target, i.e. 8 cents, is hit, you will sell the last 15% of your capital at 100% and you will be just as beautifully waiting for the next signals! With this instruction, even if you reach the stop-loss point in two or three of the ten signals provided, you will make a significant profit in the average of your total purchases.

Second example:
We provide a signal with 3 inputs for you (now it’s important to keep in mind that the signal has to be current and not expired or unusable).
For signal inputs, you must, in order of 5% of the capital you allocate to the signal:
15% on the first input: 45.26
30% on the second input: 43.19
55% on the third input: 39.53
Place an order and wait for the price to reach the specified inputs.

To withdraw profit:
AV HIT means the signal reaches a profit on average.
The average gain is that the second or third signal input (43.19 or 39.53) is activated.
In this case, the targets that we have marked for you in green should also be placed in a lower order.
TP (Target Hit) means that the signal reaches the green targets
This means that the signal from the first input we sent you is activated and gradually reaches the green targets.

Tip / Capital Management / Trade Management / Risk Management

Due to the high-risk conditions of the market and in order to manage risk and capital and to make optimal use of trading strategy it is recommended after activating the third input (third step) considering that the position volume increases exponentially:

Close some positions at break-points (average entry) or with low profit to get a better average, reduce the volume of the position and the risk of trading.
There are two ways to manage trade:
1- After activating the third input, exit some position at the break-point (average entry) at your discretion.
2. Wait until the position is in profit, then place your stop loss above the Entry Price point.

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