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How to work with coinex exchange?

2021/11/25 - 07:11



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How to work with coinex exchange?


coinex exchange

Coinex exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in China, was established sometime in 2017. The website allows users to trade cryptocurrency assets that come from a range of different sources. The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and USDT are used to swap cryptocurrencies.

Information on the CoinEx Cryptocurrency Trading Platform that you should be aware of

In addition to the major currencies, the site also offers a native cryptocurrency that may be exchanged against them. Coinex exchange Tokens will be used to construct a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, despite the exchange being still in its early stages of development (CET).

There is now a native cryptocurrency on the site, which can be traded against the majors. CoinEx Tokens will be used to establish a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, even though the exchange is still in its infancy (CET).

The Coinex exchange level of difficulty

The platform has been designed with the end-user in mind, making it one of the easiest to get familiar with, even for a rookie. The app is also packed with innovative features that have enthralled many users.


What's so great about the Coinex exchange?


CET Token

Several Different Cryptocurrencies to Trade

Traders can choose from a broad range of cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens) that are available on the CoinEx trading platform. Tether (USDT) and all of these cryptocurrencies are traded against each other and the four major currencies on the platform: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) (USDT).


Transaction Costs Are Low

Just the market takers are taxed 0.10 percent, while market makers (a dealer who agrees to purchase or sell at a predetermined cost at all times) are not.


In a nutshell, fast OTC transactions

'Over the Counter' transactions can be processed quickly on the platform. This means that trades on the site aren't limited to a certain currency but can be done using a variety of cryptocurrencies.


The Platform Is Highly Secured

Security on the Coinex exchange is supplied by a system called "Full Dimension Protection," which stands for "Full Dimension Protection." For the purpose of protecting the platform, the platform makes use of a wide variety of security techniques. You may be confident that all of your transactions on the site, including payments, exchanges, and transfers, are completely safe and confidential.


Advanced Charting Tools in a user-friendly platform

The platform's chart makes it easier for traders to use complex charting tools to analyze market direction. In addition, users can simply browse among various pairs to find what they're looking for.


A User-Friendly Graphical User Interface

The design, as previously stated, is very stunning. Like other exchanges, CoinEx can be utilized by tech-savvy individuals as well as those who are new to cryptocurrency. You'll be able to get around the platform just fine if you can click around.


Getting Paid to Refer Friends

Rewarding customers who use their referral code to bring new members to CoinEx is one of the perks of using the platform. You gain 20% of the trading fees from the people you suggested.

In addition, Coinex exchange just announced a slew of new and intriguing features.


Trade-driven Mining

Using the "Trade-driven Mining" approach, the CoinEx trading platform will be able to release CET tokens that will be re-allocated to users.

In order to calculate and convert transaction fees on the network, CET tokens are used. Based on the volume of transactions, CET tokens are then returned to traders.

On the Coinex exchange, all transaction fees and how they are dispersed can be seen in real-time, ensuring transparency.

Users must be validated to receive a share of the tokens, and only those with at least 100 CET tokens will be eligible. At the beginning of the next day, all token holders will receive their dividends.


What You Need To Know To Participate In the Exchange

The process of registering is a breeze. For the initial phase of verification, all that is needed is a valid email address.

After a user registers an account, they are then needed to validate it.

Google Authenticator and a mobile phone number must also be linked in order to improve account security.


How to trade?  

1. Sign up for an account on the CoinEx website at www.coinex.com. Click [Exchange] in the upper left corner to continue.

2. To illustrate this point, let's look at the CET/USDT pair. You must first choose [USDT] on the left and then [CET].


Choosing USDT

3. Buy



[Limit] trading: pick [Limit] from the buying section, then input your desired price and amount. A purchase order will be placed once you have confirmed the details by clicking [Buy CET].

Select [Market] from the drop-down menu, input the [Amount], and then click [Buy CET] to complete the transaction.

You can use Stop-Limit Trading to place an order by clicking [Buy CET] and then selecting [Stop-Limit], [Stop Price], [Limit Price], and [Amount].


4. Sell



In the selling area, select [Limit] and enter the [Price] and [Amount] in the selling area. To place your purchase, verify the details and click [Sell CET].

The [Amount] is entered in the [Sell CET] section and the trade is completed by clicking [Sell CET].

If you want to trade with stop limits, you can do so in the selling area by selecting [Stop-Limit], entering a stop price, a limit price, and an amount [Amount] before clicking [Sell CET].


Accepted cryptocurrencies

Tokens and cryptocurrencies of various sizes can be purchased on the Coinex exchange market by its users.

The following is considered a list of the most popular cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange:

Tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as Dash, Ripple, and Monero (XMR), as well as EOS, Zcash, and Golem, as well as Qtum, Bytom, and the 0x Project (ZRX), as well as the USD Coin (USDC) and Tether, as well as the CoinEx Token, are all examples of cryptocurrencies (CET).


Finally, my thoughts on the Coinex exchange

The need for bitcoin exchanges is expanding all the time, and as a result, we now have an abundance of possibilities. Despite the fact that some of them fall short of industry standards, they produce cutting-edge solutions and deliver world-class services to a varied range of populations.

While still a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency sector, Coinex exchange has already captured the attention of many traders with its cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, the exchange offers a diverse selection of coins that may be traded on the platform, as well as incredibly low transaction fees. As we mentioned, this exchange is almost safe, but there are other choices, too. Before investing, take a glance at other options.





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