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Future Promising Meme Coins 

2022/08/15 - 04:30

Let us explain the importance of this issue in this way that currently, due to the strong market cap of Bitcoin digital currency, and in contrast to the lower market cap of meme coins compared to this digital currency, it makes even moderate growth of Bitcoin currency, promising and talented meme coins will experience multiple growths compared to this currency.

Future Promising Meme CoinsFuture Promising Meme Coins

Meme coins in Coin Market Cap

In reviewing this list of promising meme coins, you should know that finding the answer to this question is not easy due to the volatile market of meme coins. In general, today there are about one hundred and seven meme coins in Coin Market Cap, whose total value is about twenty-seven billion dollars, and it may even increase to a significant amount in the coming days and months. Add market value.
But PersianElite will review and introduce only some of the promising meme coins that can bring good growth for you, but note that you must have your own analysis before buying.
 It is true that future meme coins are in good condition and will be more valuable in the future, but when buying, be sure to do the necessary research and observe capital management in closing your trading portfolio from this list of future meme coins. You can refer to other PersianElite blog articles for research and knowledge about buying and evaluating the value of meme coins.


This meme coin, which is considered one of the promising meme coins in the market, and with attractive dollar growth in different periods in the market, is the most popular meme coin for investment. Of course, this meme coin has a good place in the general list of digital currencies in Coin Market Cap. The creators of this meme were Kevin Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer (2013).

The algorithm used in this promising meme coin is the proof-of-work algorithm that works according to script technology. Moreover, this promising meme coin has also had interesting support from famous people, and in addition, this meme coin has been constantly supported by Elon Musk, and its value will grow even more in the future.
 Considering the number of daily productions, the capital in the market, the high number of investors and the support of prominent and knowledgeable people, this meme coin seems to have a bright future and you can choose it for investment.


This futuristic meme coin was created in the year 2021 by John Caroney under the name DeFi Token in Binance Smart China. You may be wondering why this coin meme has developed so much in recent years. One of the reasons for this is the very good support of this currency team for this promising meme coin.
 The total supply of this meme coin was about one thousand trillion units, half of which are now in circulation. This meme coin now has about two million users. About the trading method of this meme coin, it should be mentioned that a ten percent fee is charged for the sale of each unit.

Hoge Finance

According to its name, this digital currency can be considered the brother of Dogecoin, which started working in the year 2021 with the aim of improving the features of Ethereum's DeFi infrastructure, and for this reason, it was able to gain a good position in the meme in less than a year. Find coins.

The total supply of this meme coin is about one trillion units, of which about four hundred and six billion are currently in circulation, although the total supply will decrease over time due to its anti-inflation mechanism. This coin meme has grown very fast. Of course, it is at the beginning and can grow much more in the future.

 grow much more in the future grow much more in the future

Baby Doge Coin

This promising meme coin is produced on the platform of Binance Smart China and has anti-inflation properties. Baby Dogecoin digital currency charges a five percent fee for its transactions. This promising meme coin has lower fees, more scalability and faster transaction than Dogecoin. Although the total supply of this meme coin is not known exactly, it is claimed that it is about four hundred and twenty quadrillion, fifty trillion of this promising meme coin is now in circulation.

Kitty Inu

Kitty Inu is one of the promising meme coins that has joined the crowd of Ethereum-based blockchain. Inspired by Shiba Inu and Floki, Kitty offers to level the playing field. There are several dog-inspired coin memes in the crypto market. However, our feline friends are currently not very popular in crypto space, except for kitty inu.

Kitty is a cryptocurrency and one of the promising meme coins that strengthens Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystems. This currency is not only loved by gamers, but also a good digital currency for developers and creators of non-fungible tokens (NFT) who want to make their gameplay more interesting than ever. kitty Inu’s mission is to build the best community-driven platform for gamers.

You need bitcoin or Ethereum to buy kitty inu future meme coin. Before we go any further, it is important to consider the risk of investing in this type of coin. As with several other coins, there is no guarantee that KITTY-USD will increase in value this year. Instead, buying this coin is similar to buying a lottery ticket. Therefore, it is better to invest accordingly. 

Ariva (ARV)

The promising ARV token and meme coin is an incentive to accelerate sustainable growth for local and international tourism networks. The project is a business-to-consumer (B2C) network that connects members with both current and prospective travelers through reviews, recommendations, bookings, etc., all while earning digital currency from your bookings. they do.

For travel agencies, this is double the income. The travel industry is a unique business and today, with easy access, anyone can log in from anywhere in the world to plan, book flights, etc. With Ariva, things get even more interesting. Its blockchain structure allows users to earn money during the travel agency service life cycle. For more information, wait for the article we will write about this in the future.

great investmentgreat investment


In this article, we answered your question about the future, talented and valuable meme coin, and gave you Dog Coin, Safe Moon, Hodge Finance, Baby Dog Coin, etc. We introduced it as a promising meme coin. In general, it is true that investing in new currencies is a great investment, but it has a very high risk. The cryptocurrency market is still an unbalanced market, a market where some people have made a lot of profit and others have a lot of loss due to their greed.

The price fluctuations in these types of markets are very high. In order to be successful, you need to obtain a lot of information about this and also only part of your money and comply with capital management to buy and close the trading portfolio of the desired meme coins, so that in case of unforeseen risks, you will suffer Do not become an acute problem.

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