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How do you earn money from Bitcoin?

2022/08/28 - 18:36

There are many ways to earn from the digital currency market, and choosing the best type of method is not always easy and requires analysis and investigation. Below are some of the best ways to earn money from Bitcoin. Be part of Asiasignal’s learning journey

Bitcoin earning methods 

With the growth of the price of Bitcoin over the past months, we have seen an increase in the attention of investors at the global level to this market in order to earn Bitcoin with various methods such as mining, trading, buying and long-term storage and other methods of earning money from Bitcoin. 

If you are looking to earn money from Bitcoin, you should note that many of these businesses are very specialized and it will be necessary to acquire basic knowledge and information to take advantage of them. In this article, we in Asiasignal’s website introduce various businesses that help you earn money from cryptocurrencies.

Dos and don'ts of making money from Bitcoin

Earning money from Bitcoin has been one of the most attractive ways to earn money for many investors in recent years. Bitcoin is a combination of money, assets, stocks, technology and economics, and for this reason, it can be earned in various areas, from mining to trading and marketing.

Earn money by bitcoin

Earn money by bitcoin

1. Earn money from trading bitcoins

Contrary to its simple and attractive definition, earning money from Bitcoin is very risky and requires high knowledge in the field of technical analysis, fundamentals and knowledge of capital management. With the introduction of leveraged trading, the risk of investing without science in the field of Bitcoin trading has already increased, and the probability of traders' capital becoming zero in a very short period of time due to the implementation of emotional and emotional decisions has greatly increased.

For this reason, many professional experts of the cryptocurrency market have strongly advised new and inexperienced users not to engage in leveraged transactions at all, because their earnings from trading with this investment tool will only be losses.

In order to trade and earn bitcoins in this way, you need to first go to a reputable exchange and register. After completing the identity verification process, you have to enter a certain amount of capital into the market and analyze the price of the relevant cryptocurrency to buy and sell at specific prices. This analysis can be done using technical and fundamental tools.

2. Doing freelance work, bug hunting and development

Other lucrative activities in the field of cryptocurrencies include bug hunting, development, and freelancing. Developers and bug hunters will be rewarded in the form of that token by developing a cryptocurrency platform and contributing to its community.

This process is usually very specialized and is placed in the field of programming. In freelancing, you will receive a reward in the form of bitcoins by doing a specialized job such as graphic design, programming, training or trading which is considered as one of the available ways of earning money by Bitcoin 

3. Bitcoin lending

Among the new methods of making money from Bitcoin, which is well known globally, but has not been addressed properly in our country, we can mention Bitcoin lending on decentralized platforms. These platforms work on a person-to-person basis and will bring rich profits to both sides of the transaction. Decentralized lending methods are very diverse, but almost all of them use leveraged transactions in exchanges.

4. Use of profits periodically

If you are looking to use your bitcoins to preserve wealth or simply buy and hold for a certain period of time, the new tools in this field are the best option for you. Some of these tools help you to withdraw your profit from your account periodically and in the required period of time, and the principal amount remains in the account. Some of these tools allow you to earn the necessary income by taking weekly profits, for example every Tuesday. This method of making money from Bitcoin is very easy in terms of difficulty, but the speed of doing it and making profit through it is slow but at the same time it is a good way to make money from Bitcoin. 

How to earn money by bitcoin through games

Don't like micro income? Play a bitcoin game instead! With these methods, the more you play, the more rewards you get. Some of these games are very addictive. Some are browser based and some are mobile and you can literally get bitcoins every second. If you enjoy mini games, this method will be your favorite; Because while it doesn't take much effort for you, it's also a lot of fun.

Ways to earn free bitcoins through purchases

This method is almost one of the fastest ways to get free bitcoins while spending money online. With Lolli, a digital currency rewards program, you can earn bitcoins through regular online purchases you make.

Other ways to make money by Bitcoin 

Another way to get free tokens is through giveaways. Many people in the cryptocurrency community are committed to expanding cryptocurrency adoption, and if you're an influencer on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and other social networks, you'll occasionally find someone willing to give you a Satoshi just to get you started. to give For example, about four months ago, Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ware announced on Facebook that he was giving away a total of $5,000 in Bitcoin Cash to his friends and anyone who posted a Bitcoin Cash address on social media. Is.
Before trying to earn money by Bitcoin, you should be careful of scammers who impersonate these influencers because you may be scammed in the name of Elon Musk or William Shatner coins with a 100x refund.

How to start earning from Bitcoin?

First, you should know that investing in the cryptocurrency market is very risky and it will require basic knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts. If you do not have a correct and sufficient understanding of how Bitcoin works, how wallets and exchanges work, basic knowledge of blockchain and the principles of financial markets and investment principles, your entry into the Bitcoin business will definitely be risky and accompanied by losses.

After acquiring sufficient knowledge in these fields, according to your facilities and conditions, choose one of the practical ways to start earning money from Bitcoin and start your activity.

How to start earning from Bitcoin

Is it possible to mine bitcoins with ordinary computers?

In practice, the answer to this question is no, in fact, you can mine bitcoins using the normal graphics card in your computer, but currently the difficulty of the network is so high that you have to spend several thousand years with a normal computer. Wait until you earn 1 bitcoin, because a normal graphics card simply does not have the processing power required to do blockchain equations quickly.

On the other hand, Bitcoin mining puts a lot of pressure on your device, and usually the graphics cards that are used for Bitcoin mining burn out after a few years or become practically unusable, so Bitcoin mining with a normal computer is not economically justified at all, because Your device will be damaged before you earn, and your overhead costs will exceed the amount collected.

Only if you have enough capital, you can purchase a Bitcoin Rig or devices called Bitcoin Asic, which are created with the purpose of mining digital currencies, the cost of such devices is on average around $1,000 to $3,000, however, Considering the cost of electricity consumption and depreciation of equipment, there is not much economic benefit for Bitcoin mining.


Bitcoin ATM (Automated Vending Machine) is similar to regular ATMs in terms of functionality. This device is usually used to deposit money into a bank account. A typical ATM takes your money and updates your bank balance with an IOU that you can use to pay others. With a Bitcoin ATM, your cash is exchanged for Bitcoin, which is deposited directly into your Bitcoin wallet. It is also possible to purchase selected altcoins through Bitcoin ATMs.

How to use Bitcoin ATM

A digital currency wallet and an accessible Bitcoin ATM are prerequisites for using Bitcoin ATMs. Before you start using Bitcoin ATM, you need to prepare a few things:

A digital currency wallet

The first thing you need before using a Bitcoin ATM is a cryptocurrency wallet. Specifically, you need a Bitcoin wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a program or software that allows you to store your cryptocurrency. 

In this case, you need a wallet that specifically supports Bitcoin (BTC) – one that allows you to send and receive Bitcoin. Finding a good currency shouldn't be a challenge as Bitcoin is pretty much the most popular digital currency out there. There are different types of wallets and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

A Bitcoin ATM near you

Once you have a wallet, you need to find a Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin ATMs are usually located in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls or airports. They look like traditional ATMs, but allow you to deposit or withdraw cash in exchange for Bitcoin.

How to buy and sell bitcoins at a bitcoin ATM

Some bitcoin ATMs also offer services for selling bitcoins. For this, if you don't have an account in a bitcoin ATM before, you need to create one. Then, using one of the kiosks, log into your account and specify the amount you want to sell Bitcoin. This transaction needs to be verified on the Bitcoin network or blockchain, then you receive a notification and finally you can withdraw your cash. This is a longer process than buying bitcoins.

Is Bitcoin ATM preferable to online digital currency exchanges? 

A large number of users are not interested in buying from cryptocurrency exchanges through bank payments and this is due to security issues. People for whom security issues are important and who want a high level of privacy in their transactions use Bitcoin ATMs. The method of payment in this purchase is in cash. Of course, authentication is not mandatory in some Bitcoin ATMs, but at the same time, if you buy a large amount of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin ATM will ask for some identity information such as your phone number.

It should be noted that these ATMs take about 7-10% of each transaction from your account for commission fees, which is in return for the high security and privacy they provide to users. The reason why users prefer Bitcoin ATMs to exchanges is simply the user security it provides them. 

Earning money from Bitcoin digital currency
Earning money from Bitcoin digital currency

What is the advantage of a Bitcoin ATM compared to buying from an online exchange?

For many users, buying with a credit card and through bank payments is not desirable. Therefore, users who want to experience a high level of privacy with untraceable transaction, go to Bitcoin ATM. These users pay for the purchase of bitcoins in cash. Many bitcoin ATMs (but not all) do not require a KYC process to buy and sell bitcoins. Of course, if you want to buy a significant amount of Bitcoin, then the device will ask for your identity information, such as a phone number or an identification number.

Of course, this privacy is not free. Bitcoin ATMs typically deduct a 7-10% commission from your account for each buy or sell transaction. However, for some customers, this commission is really small compared to the privacy they get.

A number of bitcoin ATMs also support bitcoin credit cards. You can use these cards as an alternative to carrying the cash you need on your trip. This card saves you from the trouble of converting currency units during international travel.

Which companies produce Bitcoin ATMs?

Almost 30 companies around the world produce digital currency ATMs. Of course, three famous companies active in this field have a larger share of the market.

1. General Bytes factory

General Bits is a company based in the Czech Republic, which is the largest producer of Bitcoin ATMs in the world. This factory has sold more than 5100 ATMs to 62 countries. General Beats has three main BTM models. These devices support more than 120 fiat currencies and 40 different cryptocurrencies. BATNTWO, BATNTHREE and BATMFOUR are the three main types of these devices.

2. Gensis Coin

Genesis Coin Company is located in San Diego, USA. This company ranks second in popularity among Bitcoin ATM manufacturing companies. Genesis Coin also produces three main device models. Gensis1, Satoshi1 and Finney3 are the three main models of this company's devices.

3. Lamassu

Lamassu Company is the oldest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer, operating since 2013. Lamassu devices are open source and support Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash. The three devices Gai, Sintra and Forte are the main products of Lamassu company.

The role of ATMs in the development of Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATM is another step for the development of Bitcoin and its entry into our daily life. These devices are a great way to buy bitcoins in the shortest possible time with high privacy. Day by day, the number of BTM devices in the world increases and new features are added to them. If you get a chance to work with these devices for the first time, don't be satisfied with the information in this article and be sure to read more about the device, the fee rate, and how it works before using it.

Bitcoin ATM customer service connection

In general, bitcoin ATM is a new type of currency which is mainly known as digital money. When you encounter many problems with your Bitcoin ATM, you will certainly need expert help.

You can connect to bitcoin ATM customer service and then get immediate online remote assistance. There are other options for you if you are unable to reach a support expert by phone. You can send a letter to their official email. to clearly explain your request and issues.

They will respond immediately or call you back. Apart from that, you can also go live chat with those tech experts. You can discuss the technician by chatting with them. Just feel free to get the support of bitcoin ATM experts to get rid of the problems completely.

The future of Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin has multiplied its value since its inception. Despite the fluctuations it experienced along the way, this digital currency managed to reach the value of $50,000 from $200 and as a capital, it is compared to oil and gold.

But what could have a significant impact on its future is its increased use in the real world. Bitcoin ATM makes it very easy to buy and sell this currency and this has encouraged more users to use it. The use of digital currency is the future of the financial system and even now it is accepted in many businesses.

It can be expected that the number of Bitcoin ATMs will increase in America and Europe and eventually reach other countries around the world. Of course, it should be noted that some countries such as China, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have banned digital currencies and their ATMs.

Finally, it can be said that with the increase in demand for Bitcoin, it is also necessary to improve its accessibility. Also, the installation of Bitcoin ATMs around the world can increase its widespread use and increase the volume of transactions. This is why Bitcoin ATM will play an important role in the financial system of the world.

What is the performance of the lightning node in the lightning network?

The Lightning Network is powered by payment channels between parties that track transactions. In fact, LN is the result of the interconnection of multiple payment mechanisms. Lightning Network is a layer 2 solution that aims to speed up the confirmation time of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. An unstructured network surrounds the Lightning Network, and payments are made through a series of channels. These channels are temporary peer-to-peer connections. Nodes run by individuals or companies are responsible for controlling and directing payments to keep the network active.

Before using the Lightning Network, the bitcoins in a payment channel must be locked. As long as the channel is locked, it is possible to spend bitcoins on all LNs. Those who wish to receive a transaction create an invoice. This invoice is a long string of letters and numbers, usually represented by a QR code. The person paying the invoice confirms the payment using the Lightning Scan wallet and digital signature.

Payment confirmation is sent to the original requester instantly and within seconds. Since payments are not made on the Bitcoin blockchain, they are not subject to long waiting periods or excessive fees. In other words, micropayments as small as one satoshi can be made using LN. After using the network, the user can close the payment channel and use his own bitcoins in the main Bitcoin blockchain.

Is it possible to make money from Node Lightning?

The answer to this question is definitely "positive", but the profit obtained from the implementation of ninety than one satoshi may be less. If you want more profit, you can forward the transaction of other Lightning nodes through your own node. This way you will earn more bitcoins. But first you need to make sure to send bitcoins to your wallet address. Then build a channel with other nodes so that you can earn bitcoins by participating in the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

How to set up a Bitcoin Lightning Node?

To run a Bitcoin Lightning node, you need some Bitcoin to fund the Lightning channel, fiat currency to buy hardware, and a Lightning compatible wallet. Note that lightning nodes are not mining nodes. Simply put, you don't mine bitcoins by running a lightning node. But the existence of these nodes is necessary for the validation of Bitcoin blocks. Therefore, the name "validator nodes" is an appropriate choice for Lightning nodes.

Bitcoin ATMs
Bitcoin ATMs


Maybe some people have achieved unimaginable profits by investing in Bitcoin, but on the other hand, many people have suffered irreparable financial losses because they put all their capital into it, always consider the condition of reason and be very careful. Enter this field. 

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