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Most Popular Types of Cryptocurrencies 

2022/08/23 - 16:40

There is lots of overwhelming information about the most popular types of cryptocurrencies to invest in. Here we will actually tell you the best cryptocurrency to invest today in all details. Read and share this short and useful article about the most popular types of cryptocurrencies with others too. 

How to identify the most suitable digital currencies for investment?

In order to choose the most suitable digital currencies for investment, it is better to first determine what kind of investment we are considering, for example, if we intend to invest long-term and with a lot of capital, investing in famous digital currencies and Well-known ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin can be the right choice, and if we intend to invest short-term with less capital, it is better to visit the latest digital currencies introduced in 2022 and 2023 and analyze them.

By analyzing digital currencies in relation to your conditions and capital, you can identify the best cryptocurrency to invest in today. Many analysts also recommend investing in tokens, but our suggestion is that if you plan to invest in tokens, pay attention to two principles: 1. Short-term investment. 2. Investment with a small amount.

1.    Cardano

The best cryptocurrency to invest in today is Cardano. Cardano was a relatively late entrant to crypto space, but was one of the first projects to support and implement the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Thanks to eliminating the competitive methods of solving mathematical puzzles for cryptocurrency mining that are used in the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, this algorithm greatly reduces transaction time as well as energy consumption and the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment and is considered a green method.

Cardano also has the ability to execute smart contracts and, as a result, decentralized applications, like the Ethereum network, with the difference that thanks to the use of the proof-of-stake algorithm, the cost of executing smart contracts and also performing intra-network transactions using the native digital currency of this network, for users It will be much cheaper.

2.    Chainlink

Chainlink was among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2021. Even in 2022, the attention of many private and institutional investors has been drawn to this cryptocurrency. The main reason for this attention is the system of nodes called Chainlink Nodes (CN), which are set to monitor the process of network events and transmit relevant data to smart contracts. This revolutionary follow-up method caused the strong growth of the Chainlink network token in 2021.

3.    Solana

The third best cryptocurrency to invest in is Solana. Solana was basically designed to make more use in the field of DeFi so that users can build their own smart contracts and decentralized applications. Solana works with a special and unique combination of proof-of-stake and proof-of-history consensus algorithm, and because of this, it can perform transactions at a very high speed and in a completely secure condition.

The main characteristics of Solana that separate it from its main competitor, Ethereum, are actually its higher transaction rate per second, as well as its much higher scalability. In the Solana blockchain, smart contracts are written in the simple Rust programming language, which has made this platform more and more popular compared to other platforms. 

4.    Polygon

Most people interested in the crypto field are aware of the scalability problems of the Ethereum network, which include problems such as very high GAS costs and very low transaction speeds. Polygon aims to solve Ethereum's problem by providing a scalable solution for the network. Polygon actually works as a side chain and parallel to the Ethereum blockchain, bringing faster speed and lower cost to transactions.

Polygon is also compatible with EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine, so developers can easily port their applications to Polygon or even build them on the network platform. Considering the high dominance of Ethereum on the digital currency market, Polygon will probably grow a lot in 2023 as its scalability solution and will be one of the best available options for long-term investment.

5.    FileCoin 

In addition to bringing privacy at the highest level to the field of file storage, FileCoin's network also drastically reduces costs. FileCoin is basically a decentralized storage protocol, so that users' data after being uploaded to its network, instead of being placed in a centralized server, is uploaded to computers scattered around the world. In this way, a certain entity or a person, for example, Google or Dropbox, does not have access to all your files.

Costs are also reduced by a tenth here, so that you only pay a few unaffordable dollars to get 1 TB of cloud space for file storage. FIL, as the native token of the network, is one of the best cryptocurrencies for investment, and with the growth of the FileCoin network, this cryptocurrency continues to grow in price.

6.    Kadena

Considering Kadena blockchain uses Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm, its throughput is incredible! Kadena is essentially a hybrid (dual) blockchain and wants to compete with the biggest projects such as Ethereum, Solana and Cardano. As one of the best digital currencies, Kadena has the potential to compete.

The Kadena network works in the heart of several intertwined block chains and its structure is complex. Here Pact proprietary programming language is used, which indicates Kadena's independence in its ecosystem. It is interesting to know that in terms of profitability, KDA is one of the best digital currencies for mining. Kadena is one of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies.

7.    VeChain

VeChain is one of the best block chains in terms of application in industry and the real world; Wei China has provided a blockchain solution to manage supply chains. The two arms of VeChain are Blockchain and Internet of Things technologies. Thanks to them, the concern of many companies in the issue of supply chain management has been resolved. As expected from such a platform, its cryptocurrency is considered one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

VeChain's blockchain was launched a year after its introduction in 2015. Two tokens are considered for this blockchain, their symbols are VET and VTHO. It is considered the main digital currency of the VET ecosystem and is a kind of governance token of China. Here, VTHO digital currency is used to pay transaction fees.

8.    Aave

There are several lending platforms in the DeFi space, but one of the most famous and widely used is Aave. This DeFi project was created in 2017 by a company based in Switzerland, but is now decentralized. Its cryptocurrency symbol was originally LEND, but was later changed to Aave.

In Aave, it is possible to receive a loan or give a loan to users. By lending to other users, you will earn passive income. On this platform, lending is possible with 17 different digital currencies, including Ethereum (ETH) and Bat. Also, Aave is one of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies.

Choosing the most awesome crypto to invest

With the help of indicators such as market share, user value, volume of transactions, technology development and market news, you can check and choose different digital currencies for long-term investment. If you have a long-term view, you should ask yourself these questions before choosing a digital asset.

Market share

What is the market share of this cryptocurrency compared to its competitors? A high share of the crypto market shows that the currency you want dominates the market. Be sure to compare the selected crypto project with similar and competing projects.


Does your chosen cryptocurrency have any use at all? Is there a market for its users? What is the goal he has chosen for his project and is he capable of doing it or not? The target and practicality of a product means that every day it will be used more than yesterday in the field of crypto, and as a result, it is one of the best digital currencies to invest in.

Volume of transactions

How much do users trade this cryptocurrency? Has the volume of transactions increased over time? The high number of users of a cryptocurrency shows that its project is developing and progressing, and as a result, it is considered a good cryptocurrency for long-term purchase.

Technology Development

Does the chosen project have appropriate technology development and compatibility with its chosen goal? Aligning the technology with the goal means that the probability of this currency opening up in the market is high and it will probably be more profitable compared to its competitors.

Market news

What do they say about the cryptocurrency you want in the market? Does the project have a problem that could harm your profit in the long run? Read the news of the digital currency market and be informed about new developments so that you can make a comprehensive and suitable choice.


Here, we have introduced 8 of the best cryptocurrencies to invest, but considering that news and events and even the words of influential people on the world economy can affect the price and value of the digital currency you are looking for, our suggestion It is up to you to follow the news about the digital currency you want for several days in a row before any investment, so that you can choose the most popular types of cryptocurrencies for investment.

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