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Scalp Indicator

2022/08/07 - 12:08

The scalping method is one of the trading methods in large financial markets, which is included in the daily trading group. To carry out this style of trading, it is very important and necessary to master the scalp indicator. Stay with us to introduce you to the most important tips and the best scalp indicator.

scalp trading

scalp trading

 What is scalp trading and who is a scalper?

Scalp trading is one of the countless trading methods that exist for this purpose. In this way, traders also profit from fluctuations and small price movements and may open between 10 and 100 trading positions in a day.
Traders who use this method for their transactions are called scalpers. Scalpers usually use specific, safe, secure and predetermined strategies to minimize their trading losses. In this way, this work is very important and important; Because in the event of severe price drops, if the exit point is not determined, all your profit, which was obtained with great difficulty from the total transactions, may be lost.
To achieve success in this method, scalpers use a variety of methods. One of the most important points in this method is having the right spirit for this work; Because the trader opens several trading positions during the day and must constantly control the market. In addition, this group of traders can choose the best tools and the best indicator for scalp trading and use it to achieve success due to experience and many trials and errors.

Five important strategies and indicators for scalp trading

People who have the desire and interest to use the scalp trading method or achieve relative mastery of this method, must be familiar with some strategies and methods. Therefore, in the following, we introduce 5 important indicators.

five important strategies and indicators for scalp trading

five important strategies and indicators for scalp trading

1.    SMA indicator or simple moving average

The Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator is one of the types of the moving average indicator. This indicator is a basic indicator and many traders use this indicator in their transactions. By using this indicator, traders can reach the average price of their desired currency in the specified period. Also, this indicator helps traders to understand the upward or downward movement of their assets and to recognize the direction of the upcoming trend.

1.    EMA indicator or exponential moving average

Another best indicator for scalp trading is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicator. Traders can give more weight to recent price data using this indicator. The difference between this indicator and the simple moving average indicator is that in the SMA indicator, all price data have the same weight.
Since this indicator gives more weight and importance to recent price data than older data, it is considered one of the best indicators for scalp trading. Analysts who use this technical analysis tool receive entry or exit signals using intersections or divergences that occur in this indicator.

2.    MACD indicator

Another indicator that is among the best indicators for scalp trading is the MACD indicator. Many traders use this indicator. This indicator can be used to detect momentum and follow and profit from trends.
MACD indicator shows the relationship between two different moving origins. Traders use this indicator to recognize the entry and exit points of a trade.

3.    Parabolic SAR indicator

Parabolic indicator of Sar is also one of the best indicators for scalp trading. Traders use this method to detect price trend movements. If the price trend in the chart is an upward trend, the points of this indicator will be below the chart, and if the price trend is downward, the points of this indicator will be above the price chart.
By using this indicator, traders are informed about the return of trends, predict the future of their assets and can determine their loss limit. This indicator will perform better in trending markets.

4.    Stochastic indicator

Among the list of the best indicators for scalp trading is the Stochastic indicator. Another name of this indicator is momentum. The main premise of this indicator is that movement takes priority over price. Traders use this indicator to detect price movements before they occur.
Scalp traders consider this indicator as one of the best indicators for scalp trading and for identifying suitable entry and exit points.

scalp tading strategy

scalp tading strategy

Advantages and disadvantages of scalp trading strategy

  • Scalping strategy is one of the strategies that can bring high profit and minimize the possibility of loss in the digital currency market. Other advantages of this trading method include the following:
  • Scalping is a suitable opportunity for people who do not want to hold assets for a long time.
  • Beginner traders can choose scalping after acquiring the necessary knowledge about scalping and swing strategies to increase their skills and earn small profits.
  • Due to the short trading time, the trader faces less risk.
  • But like any other trading method, Scalp trading also comes with some disadvantages, which traders should be aware of. Some of the disadvantages of scalp trading are as follows:
  • People who do not have high mathematical skills and the appropriate speed of action may fail in case of scalping trading.
  • Using the scalping strategy to trade is stressful.
  • The trader must follow the prices from moment to moment.


In this article, we introduced and reviewed some of the best indicators for scalp trading. It may seem simple and easy to use and adjust these strategies and indicators at first glance, but you should know that success in using these scalp indicators and ultimately success in trade and scalp trading strategy requires a lot of practice and use of these indicators to reach Sufficient mastery over them. If not, many people could use these scalp indicators and earn a lot of profit using this trading method. But the truth is different and even knowing which indicators are the best indicators for scalp trading, it is not easy to make permanent profit from the market.
Therefore, in addition to gaining enough experience and skill in using these strategies and indicators, you must have a personal trading plan and strategy for your transactions. So, we recommend everyone to use Asiasignal’s VIP channel which has so many users. Asiasignal’s VIP indicator is an awesome help for all people who want to be up-to-date about cryptocurrency and signal news.

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