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What is cryptocurrency? 

2022/08/26 - 06:17

Cryptocurrency is an asset that has become widespread today due to its easy accessibility and exists in a completely digital environment with the "blockchain" technology. Since cryptocurrencies are not tied to any national currency and have no equivalent in the eyes of the states, there is not yet a legal regulation that will create a legal guarantee in this regard.

Cryptocurrencies are systems where anyone can participate by hiding their identity, that is, open to the public and where individuals can provide financial movements. These money-related systems are decentralized and operated by individuals and organizations that are not subject to any public scrutiny. This situation causes cryptocurrencies to not allow any public scrutiny. Today, with the developing technology, this situation facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, creates an inexpensive effect, and has started to be preferred because of easy transfer flow and has become quite common. Don’t forget to read Asiasignal’s other wonderful articles too.

Cryptocurrencies are coins hosted in digital wallets, and the first to appear and the most widely used is Bitcoin. After Bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies emerged and they are generally called “altcoins”. Ethereum, Ripple, Miota, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash are examples of mentioned cryptocurrencies.


What is cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is on its way to becoming more and more popular lately. Most people dealing with cryptocurrencies are also looking for ways to mine. For this reason, the number of people who are interested in cryptocurrency mining is increasing day by day. 

How Is Cryptocurrency Mining Made?

If you want to mine cryptocurrency, you need a powerful graphics card or processor. If you try to mine with bad hardware, your system may get tired or your graphics card and processor may burn. Therefore, you need to have strong hardware before entering the cryptocurrency mining business.

There are 3 types of cryptocurrency mining. It is divided into three types of individual mining, batch mining and cloud mining. Individual mining, also known as solo mining, is a type of mining that you can do unilaterally that does not require any team. Individual mining is a type of cryptocurrency where you can only my powerful hardware. 

One of the good things about doing individual mining is that all the earnings you earn belong to you. Since you don't give money to any team member or partner, you can take all the profits for yourself. Batch mining is the process of mining cryptocurrencies with many graphics' cards and processors. Usually, several people do this work together and divide the earnings. 

The cloud mining method is one of the methods where you can earn crypto money without having any equipment and hardware. With the cloud mining method, you can dig without the need for any equipment and team.

Cryptocurrency mining
Cryptocurrency mining

The advantages of cryptocurrencies

If in its infancy cryptocurrency represented a poorly accepted concept, because it was not well known to everyone, the announcement in 2020 of the creation by the European Central Bank of the possibility of creating a digital currency, the euro crypto or crypto euro pushes more than one to review this judgment. The main question that torments people's minds is what are the advantages that cryptocurrency brings today. Find here the 4 main advantages of cryptocurrencies which are so awesome and you should probably know it in your life.

Freedom of trade: a key advantage of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are based on a principle of decentralization. Exchanges are person to person. This implies that users enjoy complete freedom over exchanges unlike the financial system of fiat currencies which requires the intervention of a third party to carry out transactions. This free trade includes not only the choice of business partners, but also the number of transactions.

With digital currencies, ignore all these banking requirements: card limit, bank account freeze, etc. In addition, as everything is computerized, cryptocurrencies offer the advantage of being visible to everyone, everywhere. You are therefore free to invest in the financial markets of your choice, to carry out the transactions of your choice with third parties that you have chosen yourself, regardless of your geographical location or theirs.


Compared to the traditional financial system, cryptocurrencies have the advantage of being available 24 hours a day. Farewell to the long waits in the banks to carry out transactions, farewell to the wait linked to the opening of the stock markets to be able to speculate on your funds. With cryptocurrencies, dispose of your digital wallet as you wish. Perform your transactions on time, make your investments at any time. This is a real advantage for serious investors wishing to make money outside regulatory working hours.

Fight against inflation

Cryptocurrencies are a way to circumvent inflation. This is because these digital currencies are not tied to any particular economy. The variation in their price therefore does not depend on the economic situation of a country, but on global supply and demand. Moreover, the fact that the number of assets is capped, the amount of circulating cryptocurrency cannot get out of control and therefore, there can be no cryptocurrency inflation.

Blockchain security

Another advantage of the cryptocurrency universe is the security it offers investors. It is not necessarily based on the currency itself, but on the system that surrounds it. This is the blockchain which is nothing more than a public ledger where a copy of each transaction is recorded. All information on the blockchain is final. It cannot be erased or falsified by anyone, in any way.

 In addition, it is decentralized, that is to say that it is stored on multiple computers, which makes the chances of a hacker accessing it at once very small. All this contributes to making the cryptocurrency operating system inviolable and therefore highly secure.

Ultimately, you will have seen to us that investing in cryptocurrencies has a number of advantages. Whether it's freedom of trade, freedom of transactions, fighting inflation, or blockchain security, all of this makes cryptocurrency the future of the global economy.

What Is Cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading consists of buying and selling cryptocurrencies via an exchange platform or using futures contracts by betting on the future rise or fall of an asset. Today, many platforms allow cryptocurrency trading, including Binance, which offers a wide range of derivative products as well as guides and video training explaining how to use them.

Cryptocurrency trading involves using derivatives to profit from increases or decreases in the value of a cryptocurrency. We mainly find futures contracts as well as options which, in the first place, are used to hedge market variations, but can also be used to speculate on the future value of a cryptocurrency.

How does cryptocurrency work for beginners?

Foe entering the world of cryptocurrencies, we suggest you start reading Asiasignal’s articles where you can gain so much knowledge about all digital currencies and signals. Asiasignal website is a great website for all beginners and also professional people who want to gain valuable knowledge about all types of cryptocurrencies in this big world. 

What is cryptocurrency used for?

The concept of digital money covers all currencies that are valid in the virtual environment. That is, crypto money can be considered as a sub-title of the concept of digital money. All cryptocurrencies are considered digital money because they are created and used digitally; but not all digital currencies are cryptocurrencies.

How do cryptocurrencies work?

Cryptocurrencies, as an application or program, are placed on top of the cryptographic invention known as blockchain, and everyone knows it by that name. Blockchain is a technology that supports various and multiple technologies by itself, and cryptocurrency is one of these technologies. But the important point here is that cryptocurrencies would not have been possible in the form we have them today without blockchain technology. Now let's gain knowledge about investing in cryptocurrency which is such a significant topic for everyone to know and get detailed information about it. 

Invest in cryptocurrency

As with investing in the stock market or real estate, there are different ways to invest in cryptocurrency.

The hold strategy: investing in cryptocurrency for the long term

Very common jargon in the crypto world, HOLD means that you buy a crypto with the aim of keeping it for the long term. The HOLD strategy allows you to take advantage of the expected price increase, by being passive.

This strategy is often used in traditional investments like stocks and real estate. For equity investment, we also speak of “buy and hold”, as opposed to short-term trading. 

Staking: investing in cryptocurrency for interest in crypto

To invest in cryptocurrency, there is also staking. Another English term, sorry!

The principle of staking is to participate in the security of the network linked to our crypto in exchange for remuneration (interest rate). It is a form of passive investment with varying interest rates. Between 4% and 121% (or even more) per year depending on the staked crypto. This remuneration is in the form of crypto and not in euros. This is an advantage if our crypto goes up in value.   

That's not all. Interest paid during staking is paid weekly or daily. Indeed, transactions on blockchain networks are validated every second. We are therefore commonly rewarded for our participation in network security. This is a different operation from the Livret A or euro funds which remunerate their subscriber once a year.

Most stakings offer to withdraw cryptocurrency at any time. The withdrawal time can be instantaneous or last for a few days.

Saving: investing in cryptocurrency against interest in euros

Saving is also a passive form of investment in cryptocurrency, with an operation similar to savings accounts A (but with risk of capital loss). Here it is not a question of securing the network but rather of placing your crypto in a savings account and receiving interest in return.

The interest rates between staking and saving are often similar. The difference is that saving offers a wider range of crypto than staking. For example, there are cryptocurrencies that are not available in staking such as BTC. 

Depending on the platform, the savings can be blocked for a fixed period (usually 1 month) and automatically renewed. In practice, interest is distributed daily or weekly, just like staking.

Saving investment is very attractive when used with stable coins. It is a solution that removes the risk of loss associated with the volatility of cryptocurrencies. In practice, we convert our euros into stablecoins, then we place them in savings. This gives an annual return of 7-10%.


One would like to paraphrase - what bitcoin is, everyone can see. It is on everyone's lips and is called the king of cryptocurrencies for a reason. Created by a person or a group of people hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, it is a payment network and a new type of money based on P2P technology. 

Despite the fact that the Bitcoin network is struggling with several problems, such as low transaction bandwidth (which is fixed with such overlays as the Lightning Network), it still remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. 

Uniswap (UNI) 

Uniswap, in turn, is a decentralized exchange with which you can easily exchange various cryptocurrencies, and more specifically different Ethereum tokens. The created UNI currency enables their owners to influence the development of the platform. 

Stellar (XLM) 

Stellar's premise is to connect the world's financial infrastructure so that money transfer problems are to disappear. This includes financial institutions as well as companies and individuals. The cryptocurrency of the Stellar network is called lumen (XLM) and it facilitates universal payments with minimal fees. 

Chia (XCH) 

The popularity of Chia, also known (partially truthfully) Green Cryptocurrency, exploded a few months ago. The reason behind this platform is to improve the financial and payment system. Chia relies on sharing disk space to create farms for "growing" this cryptocurrency. Currently, the XCH price has plunged significantly, and there are rumors on the web about farmers selling discs in panic. But who knows, maybe Chia will still amaze us? 

You can keep dollars, zlotys, pounds and euros as part of a multi-currency account in one bank. However, if you wanted to store lesser-known currencies, it's not that easy anymore. It's exactly the same with cryptocurrencies. There are wallets where you can store Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum together, but not smaller. Many cryptocurrencies create their own wallets.

How to safely store cryptocurrencies?

You can keep dollars, pounds and euros as part of a multi-currency account in one bank. However, if you wanted to store lesser-known currencies, it's not that easy anymore. It's exactly the same with cryptocurrencies. There are wallets where you can store Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum together, but not smaller. Many cryptocurrencies create their own wallets.

  • Desktop wallet

Wallet on the hard disk in the form of a file. The most popular is called Electrum. During its creation, a code called seed is generated, which consists of 12 words. You can use Google identification, i.e. a unique code that appears on your smartphone, to open the wallet. The multi-stage login process increases security. To do this, download the Authenticator + application to your phone, which will also secure logging into the exchange.

  • Wallet on the disk

A third solution is to store cryptocurrencies on a physical disk in the form of a USB. This is the safest option. These types of wallets are valued at approx. 

  • Mobile wallet

There are also mobile wallets in the form of a phone application. They enable instant payments in a restaurant or in any Internet service by scanning a QR code

The importance of design and digital currency

Because all cryptocurrencies are in virtual space only. It has to rely on design and branding to provide value and communicate what cryptocurrencies are and what they can do. Instead of banknotes or coins, cryptocurrencies use intangible “tokens”. The vast majority of cryptocurrencies are operated independently of financial institutions and central banks. 

It is an exciting opportunity for designers to create work that is no longer limited to their own boundaries. Before getting into the emerging design trends in this cryptocurrency era, let’s take a look at the styles and design patterns of this industry-leading cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency trading


Digital currency and crypto currency trading has become a very trendy topic today and many people have made money using cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of the article, the basic concepts and familiarity with cryptocurrencies are fully discussed, and in the next part of the article, digital currency and how to buy and sell, as well as its maintenance, are fully discussed.

I hope many people will see the picture of the business. Cryptocurrency represents a future where community connections are trusted and secure. Freedom from a centralized bank alone This upcoming change will surely affect everyone. Designers, be sure to study these and continue to build on them. Don't forget that you can also own cryptocurrencies and get signals from Asiasignal’s VIP channel. Asiasignal’s VIP indicator is all professional's choice. Share Asiasignal’s premium account of trading view with who you know in your life.

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