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2023/01/02 - 08:36

Zeniq, abbreviated as ZENIQ, is a digital currency or form of the digital asset. Which is decentralized crypto that is useful for crypto-fiat payment. A high-tech company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since the primary office was created on April 14, 2021, the project plans to expand globally. nternational Safir and ZENIC is an investment-based network marketing company. Safir and Zenic are two sister companies and their founder is Erwin Dokter from Austria. Safir International and Zeniq Technologies are both registered in Dubai. Zeniq Technologies is an international Safir of the United Arab Emirates Information Technology Company, according to its official website Safir.com.

On the other hand, Zeniq is a digital currency company called Token, ZENIC coin. It was also launched in April 2021. Zeniq has products like Zeniq Hub, Zeniq Wallet, and Zeniq App. reading this article from Asia Signal will help you to understand what is ZENIQ.  

An overview of ZENIQ 

Safir International and ZENIQ technologies ltd are known as two sister companies for the first time in the year 2019 Designed by Dr. Erwin and Dr. Michael Offner. The initial product of this company, like other cryptocurrencies, was a coin-based cryptocurrency, and the headquarters of this company is located in Fortune Tower, Dubai.

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Join Safir and Zeniq Hub

Anyone can join Zeniq, Zeniq is an online program.

To join Zeniq, you must first register on its official website by filling out the basic personal information form. After completing registration, you must purchase Zeniq Hub to become a partner in the company plan. 1 cost axis about 1499 € which is equivalent to 130000 INR. However, the company also offers Zeniq Hub for Rs 8,500 which is 1/32 axis.

After buying the hub, you have to add more people to your downline and you will get a commission from them when they also buy the hub.

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Zeniq's profit-earning plan

4 types of income are provided by Zeniq.

Income rail: After purchasing Zeniq Hub, your first chance to earn is Miniting Income.

In the context of mining income, Zeniq coins are awarded from Zeniq Hub that you have purchased daily from the company. How you can profit by selling Unswap or cryptocurrency exchange pie.

If you bought a position from the company, you will receive 50 Zeniq coins per day. The price of a ZENIC coin is around $0.30, the exact amount is reliable.

Single-level income: Single-line income up to 15 lines available from your downline. At each level, this income is received in different proportions. Below you can see the income chart where you determine the percentage of income you get from the lower level.

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Earnings at the job level: Under job level income, the company gives additional income when you rise in rank in the company. 

performance bonus: The company distributes 10% of its total revenue among all partners ranked below the revenue performance bonus. Accordingly, the income sometimes increases and decreases. Like those with double ruby rank, they get double this income from sapphire. But for this income, it is very important to maintain your level with minimum sales. 

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ZENIC Safir Review

Overall, Zeniq Safir seems to be a great opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency, whereby the Associate can earn a lot by investing and recruiting new people. Although this is an easy way to earn money, it is important to know some other important facts about the company.

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History of Dr. Erwin

We should also know that Dr. Erwin is the founder of this company. Therefore, it is also important to know that Safir International is not Erwin Dokter's first company.

Basically, Erwin was contracted to create a digital hardware wallet for a Swiss company called Juwelis Group at the end of 2019. Dr. Michael Offner, Peter Skrell, Gernot Winter, and Jan Polmayer failed to execute the contract.

Erwin then again registered a new company in Austria, Juwelis GmbH, without notice. He launched a cryptocurrency called Juwelis Coin, which failed.

The Juwelis Group sued Erwin and his partner for breach of contract and misappropriation of the Juwelis trademark.

Juwelis website. Digital is also reported to have set up Erwin Safir International and Zeniq in Dubai to promote the digital hardware wallet being developed for Juwelis. Erwin launched DakterZeniq within just two months to leave Juwelis. It seems Erwin already had this plan.

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What is a Zeniq Ponzi scheme? 

Let's take a look at the scam founder Erwin Dokter took with Juwelis, who is now the founder of Zeniq Coin. Zeniq Encrypt runs its own MLM programming under the supervision of an international Safir. JOIN ZENIC AND GET ZENIC COIN In this case you have to invest thousands and millions of rupees in Zeniq Hub and get a fixed profit in return, which seems to be a scam method. The company is charging people to add money to Zeniq Hub. The company then pays its commission in Zeniq coins. Zeniq coin is built on Ethereum (ERC-20). Zeniq Coin is not a digital currency, but a token that takes a few hours to generate. So don't think that Zeniq Coin is a big deal, but some people consider this crypto token as a free money tree. Zeniq coin can be bought and sold on Pie and Unswap exchanges, but the commission is very low. 

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Is Zeniq a paid trading scheme?

With its MLM scheme, Zeniq sells its position to people and approaches the member continuously to add more people, then the company pays the member a commission for the additional sales.
Zeniq has very little money in Zeniq Coin, while most of the money is held by Zeniq called Minting, and distributes the same money to its partner.
Because they are using the MLM scheme and are not getting any affordable and quality products for their membership fee. The same commission is given to add new people. Zeniq is generally a money trading scheme.
Zeniq Coin is an ERC-20-based token that does not have white papers. It is not an attractive, futuristic, and functional symbol. There is no other logical reason to invest in it.

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Is ZENIQ legal? 

As we already know, the founders of Safir and ZENIQ Erwin Dokter are currently facing fraud cases and their MLM scheme has proven to be a Ponzi scheme and money trading chart.

Although Zeniq Coin has no real price and likes many crypto MLMs, Zeniq will be discontinued shortly. Where there is a high probability that thousands of people's money will fall. 

Many people think that Zeniq is a project because it is registered in Dubai. So I tell you that registering a company in Dubai is not a big deal. First, register a company, then say that the legal company is in the state and has a valid legal document. This is an old way of gaining trust in these scams.


As you read in this article from Asia Signal, you are acquainted with ZENIQ currency, considering the background of this currency, it is suggested to get help from experts to invest in this currency and be careful about investing in this currency and think about it and check out everything about ZENIQ.

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