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best crypto signals group

Our article is about the best crypto signals group. Thanks to Telegram's strong focus on privacy and security, more than 300 million people worldwide use the app. The platform features unlimited storage, bots, no ads, the ability to create regular and secret chats, channels, groups, and its own encryption protocol, and best of all, it's all completely free. With all the benefits this platform offers, it's no wonder that the cryptocurrency community has embraced Telegram as a trusted source of communication. Join us in the continuation of the article that is about digital crypto signal and signal groups. 

Telegram Crypto Signals Group

Telegram is also a reliable source for transferring and sharing information, and this has caused various groups and digital currency enthusiasts, from developers to entrepreneurs and traders, to use the Telegram channel to share relevant information with the intended audience. Share yourself. In this article, we will review Telegram channels. Some of these channels are collected from ICO Speaks; ICO Speaks is an agency that specializes in connecting startups and investors. In the list of this article, we will divide the channels into sections based on their content, which are news channels, ICO/IEO-focused channels, and transaction-related channels.

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best crypto signals group

Channel News.Bitcoin.com

Number of members: more than 51,000 users' English language This channel belongs to the digital currency website Bitcoin.com, which is one of the best in the field of publishing blockchain and digital currency news. This site uses the mentioned channel to publish the latest headlines of the day's news. By joining this channel, you get access to news and events happening across the industry. Apart from news, this channel publishes analysis of various coins and details about upcoming ICOs and other related events in this industry.

Cointelegraph channel Telegram channel for learning how to earn money

cointelegraph Number of members: about 70,000 users' English language Cointelegraph is another popular digital currency news agency website, which has a special place in the digital currency world due to the publication of up-to-date news. This platform offers its users the latest news of the digital currency industry, such as Bitcoin news, altcoin news, blockchain news, legislative news, scams, and all the news and events of the blockchain industry. Cointelegraph website has its own Telegram channel where it provides the latest news to the audience. Apart from news, this channel has comprehensive market analysis along with an impressive collection of guides and tutorials.

CoinDesk channel Earning training Telegram channel

Coindesk Number of members: about 4550 users English language Coin Desk channel is one of the most reliable and up-to-date sources of news in the field of digital currencies and blockchain. Of course, CoinDesk has news, videos and educational articles as well as podcasts, which you can use for free. Also, this channel has a research section on its website, Coindesk.com, which examines projects and concepts in this field. You can participate in its free webinars on the Coin Desk website and increase your knowledge.

DeCenter channel Telegram channel for earning money

Decenter Number of members: more than 65,000 users Language: English, Russian and Chinese This channel focuses on economic news and digital currencies. Every morning a newsletter is published on this channel, covering all the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition to the news in the newsletter, educational and analytical materials are discussed, which are suitable for all digital currency enthusiasts, regardless of their level of expertise. Also, on this channel, members can discuss various topics such as trading, mining, ICOs and other common topics. The channel also includes interviews with prominent figures in the industry.

Earning training Telegram channel (channels focused on ICO/IEO Telegram channel for learning how to earn money)

IEO Pools channel Number of members: about 600,000 users' English language This channel is solely focused on sharing information about upcoming IEOs. This channel has attracted public funds in 2019. The digital currency community has also welcomed this channel with open arms and the list of upcoming IEOs and launchpads of this channel is increasing every day. This channel publishes research details about upcoming and exciting new IEOs. The members of this channel will get all the relevant information that is necessary before making an investment decision in this channel. The channel also offers blockchain startup owners the opportunity to meet investors.

ICO Speaks channel Earning training Telegram channel

Ico speaks Number of members: more than 85,000 users Language: English, Russian ICO Speaks channel is one of the top digital currency channels in terms of users. This channel is focused on getting content related to ICOs and IEOs from research on various projects to the latest news in this industry. The ICO Speaks channel allows cryptocurrency project owners to connect with potential investors. Members of this channel can interact with other members on various topics from crypto trading to suggestions about the most important and controversial cryptocurrency projects. New members can also use expert guidance on how to start investing in this field.

ICO Analytics channel Earning training Telegram channel 

Ico analytics Number of members: about 15,000 users' English language The ICO Analytics channel focuses on ICOs. Despite the fact that the ICO market has seen a significant decline in 2019, there are groups and channels like this one that focus on occasional ICOs. Unlike other channels that focus on ICOs, this channel stands out in terms of the quality of its research. Users of this channel will receive figures of token performance, token sales, return on investment (ROI) and other information about various projects collected through various metrics. All the information on this channel is presented regularly and regularly in the form of charts and graphs.

ICO Drops channel

Earning training Telegram channel, ico drops.Number of members: about 32,000 users, English language.The ICO Drops channel is another channel that focuses on the ICO market and mostly covers token sales. In addition, this channel covers related news such as various employment solutions and the latest news regarding legislation and other topics.In this channel, infographics with information about ICOs are at the disposal of those who may not have enough time to read full analytical articles. Telegram channel for learning how to earn money: channels related to transactions.

Whalepool Group

Telegram channel for earning money whalepool,Number of members: more than 14,000 users' English language. Whalepool Group is one of the well-known groups that exclusively focuses on cryptocurrency trading and related discussions. Digital currency transactions play a very important role in the target society; Consequently, this group is for people who want to connect with other traders. This group shares news that affects asset prices. It also includes the analysis of different projects. This group is very inspiring for new traders and can help them explore the cryptocurrency market.

Botje11 channel

Number of members: more than 9000 users. Botje11 Channel is a personal cryptocurrency trading channel owned by one of the top Tradingview members in recent years. By following the Botje11 channel, you can follow the story of Bitcoin price fluctuations. Almost 3 posts are shared on this channel every day, which explains different aspects of the digital currency market. Also, more than one conclusion is shared, which is very important for users' trading strategy. This channel mainly focuses on shapes and patterns. In general, this channel is considered an outstanding educational source.

Crypto Charters channel

Telegram channel for earning money, crypto charters. Number of members: more than 4500 users. Crypto Charters is a crypto telegram group dedicated specifically to the advancement of crypto analysts and traders. This Telegram group is notable for many users due to the regular and comprehensive presentation of analytical charts of various digital currencies. Although the majority of the analysis of this group is focused on the movements of Bitcoin, users of other digital currencies can also benefit from the information provided in this channel.

Mycryptopedia channel

Earning training Telegram channel, mycryptopedia. Number of members: about 8000 users. My Cryptopedia is the official Telegram channel of Mycryptopedia.com website. The emphasis and focus of this channel are on the production of educational content in topics such as digital currency, blockchain technology, ICO and market analysis. The articles presented on this channel include training, guides, news articles, educational videos, interviews and other types of information.


The contents presented in this channel include education, investment, market analysis, news articles and domestic and foreign legislation news, introduction of credible projects, warning about Ponzi projects and fraud, educational videos, interviews, introduction of famous people in the field, etc. You can also benefit from the most professional daily fundamental and technical analyzes by subscribing to the Digital Currency Signal channel or Crypto Signal Leaks.

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