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Best crypto signals kucoin

2022/11/14 - 06:27

Self-proclaimed "People's Exchange", KuCoin Crypto Signal exchange is a safe and reliable place for Indicator Crypto. The founders of Kocoin exchange are very skilled in business fields and in addition to Kocoin exchange, they have achieved many projects including iBoxPAY and AntFinancial.

Kocoin exchange with the ability to sell and exchange more than 200 types of digital currency has attracted the attention of many investors. This exchange currently operates in more than 400 different markets, and in addition to security, it is invested with a simple and understandable user interface.

Currently, Kocoin exchange ranks third in the list of 10 busiest platforms in the world, with the largest volume.

Even newbies can easily conduct themselves using this exchange. Kocoin exchange is one of the most powerful platforms for both beginners and professional investors. With over 6 million users, KoCoin has a portfolio of assets, fiat currencies and services.

Kocoin exchange from when and where?

Kocoin exchange was launched in 2017 by Michael Gunn and Eric Dunn. This exchange is in the geographical area of Sishqar and since then it has continued on its way requiring power.

But since the Kocoin exchange was first established in Hong Kong, the main headquarters of the Kocoin exchange site, where it is encrypted, is located in Singapore. Singapore, which is considered one of the most successful in the world, has a lot of power in the field of IT.

Exclusive digital currency of Kocoin exchange

Kocoin exchange has introduced its own digital currency called KSC. By using KuCoin's exclusive digital, you can enjoy discounts on special fees. This digital currency reached its highest level in 2018 and its total market value exceeded 1.8 billion dollars.

What is the Kocoin exchange fee?

In fact, the Kocoin exchange fee is the lowest among all exchanges related to altcoins. KuCoin's special evaluation fee is presented simply and directly, and for this reason, it will be easier for you.

One of the biggest popularities of Kocoin exchange among users is its low fees compared to other exchanges.

The fee for each job in SpotCocoin is fixed at 0.1%. An amount that is even lower than the global average percentage. The reduction of fees is determined instantly and according to the monthly volume of users and shares of Kocoin exchange.

Let's not forget that Kocoin exchange does not charge any fees for deposits and deposits. With this account, Kocoin exchange is the most economical exchange.

Coin exchange withdrawal fee

The withdrawal fee of Kocoin exchange depends on the type of currency withdrawn. But in general, the withdrawal fee from KuCoin is lower than that of other exchanges. For example, collecting Bitcoin using the Kocoin exchange is equivalent to 0.00021 Bitcoin.

Kocoin exchange members

Asset security: In addition to using multi-factor authentication, Bitcoin has many other security features.

Support services: Kocoin exchange has a very powerful support system. You can communicate with their support using practical tools such as email or the exchange's own website.

Simple user interface: In addition to creating a very powerful platform in the business field, the Kocoin exchange platform is designed to be completely simple and understandable for everyone. The use of this exchange does not bring the slightest ambiguity and complexity to its users.

Very low fee: as explained in the above line, several transactions in this exchange will be accompanied by a very small and insignificant fee.

Disadvantages of the Kocoin exchange

You cannot wish to deposit fiat in this exchange.

The volume of capital bank.

How to pay and perform transactions in Kocoin exchange

Kocoin exchange has provided the ability to work with multiple crypto Futures Signal. But it does not accept some other digital currencies. One of these Crypto VIP Signal is fiat. But this incident has also become a kind of advantage because there is no need for authentication to start working on Kocoin exchange and you can start anonymously.

In addition, there is no limit to the amount of capital deposited and withdrawn with this exchange. So, you have to upload your documents and wait for them.

The best choice for new entrants in the field of Crypto Signal Leaks is Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can top up your account in a traditional way using the Coinbase exchange and then transfer your coins directly to the Kocoin account.

Kocoin exchange is the best alternative to Binance exchange

As we said, this exchange does not charge any fees for deposits and deposits, so you can get Binance with this same feature.

In 2021, some different countries did for Binance exchange, which caused many users to migrate from this platform and settle in other exchanges.

In July of this year, the strict news related to the Binance exchange was published that this exchange is going to become a financial institution. From then on users who are not yet authenticated are able to mine more than 0.06 coins per day.

How is the Kocoin exchange support?

The support services of this platform are such that you can contact this exchange 24 hours a day and seven days a week through email, website, sales system and other communication channels. For example, by sending a message to the email address [email protected], you can consult with kucoin engineers about API problems, network failures, etc.

Is COCOIN safe?

Although this exchange was hacked in 2020 and more than 280 million dollars were stolen from it; However, Kucoin's CEO stated that all funds have been returned and there is no need to worry. With all this, Kocoin can still be considered an international and safe platform. kucoin is one of the most reliable digital currency exchanges among the ten largest exchanges in the world and is one of the most liquid markets with billions of dollars of trading volume per day.

Features offered by Kocoin exchange:

  • Spot market
  • Margin
  • Futures market
  • P2P (Peer to Peer) trading
  • Ability to lend assets to open positions such as shorts
  • Staking

Features of Kocoin exchange

Despite all the features explained, the user interface of the exchange is simple and suitable even for beginners, and it has the lowest fees among exchanges. The exchange fee starts from 0.1% and changes based on the volume and amount of the transaction. For the transaction, the amount of fees (except the network fee) seems reasonable.

What currencies does Kocoin exchange have?

As mentioned, this exchange supports a large number of digital currencies, so you are spoiled for choice. Since it is not possible to name all currencies, we will try to review some of the most important options available.

Be careful that in the future, any of these currencies may be removed from the list of supported currencies of the exchange for any reason. This is normal in the world of digital currencies and it has even been seen that the most famous currencies have been removed from the list of some exchanges.

Apart from market analysis discussions, as long as the trading volume of a currency is good, it is unlikely that the exchange will remove it. The reason is that Kocoin exchange or any other exchange receives profit from trading fees of these currencies and even if it is not a good currency, they do not want to remove it.

Among the well-known and big currencies that are listed in this exchange, the following can be mentioned:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Polkadat (DOT)
  • Uni Swap (UNI)

Kocoin tends to list small currencies that have high growth potential, so many of the currencies on this exchange may be unknown to you.

If you use the native currency of this exchange network, you will save a lot of money. The KSC currency has a supply limit of about 170 million tokens and is currently among the relatively large currencies in the market.

How to make money in Kocoin exchange?

  • Referral
  • To stick

Referral in Kocoin exchange

Referral is a way to generate income from Kocoin exchange and other exchanges, which has many advantages. In this method, you will be given a code that is like a representative code and you will give it to other people. When others use this code for registration or transaction, you will get a discount or even your account will be charged (airdrop).

Referral steps:

  • In your user account, click on your name or picture from the top right.
  • Click on Refrral option.

Your identification code will be displayed on the new page that opens. You can copy or share it. You can also get the code as a QR code, which of course other people have to scan when signing up.

On the same page, click on the Details option to display the details of your discount or airdrops.

Stake of digital currencies in Kocoin exchange

Staking is one of the capabilities of digital currencies. With this feature, you can provide your currency to the network and receive interest (of the same currency) for it. This feature is available in all currencies that use the Proof of Stake model.

Is staking the same in every blockchain?

There are different ways to steak. In all these methods, you need to have some amount of currency to be able to stake it. In regular PoS or Proof of Stake algorithm, you can stake some coins and get profit. There are also PoS liquidity pools where you can contribute your digital currency and in return you are given the power to vote on the blockchain.

The PoS method in Algorand currency is very pure. In its system, the largest stakeholders (people who contribute their digital currency to the network) are given the authority to decide which block will be staked. This requires a certain level of honesty or verification. All these methods have one thing in common, which is the existence of a staking pool. This pool allows you to stake faster without having to actually stake yourself.

Which digital currencies can be staked in Kokoin?

There are currently 15 coins that you can stake in CoinStake, including:

Polkadot, Atom, Luna, Link, Ksm, Anc, Matic, Eos, Tomo, Sys, and Wink (Win) and Tron (Trx) and Zilica (Zil) and Hydra (Hydra) and USD (OUSD) and Cardano (ADA).

For staking in Kocoin, you need to use the exchange's staking pool called Pool-X, which has more facilities than staking. The website of this pool may look different but this pool is completely owned by the exchange and developed by it.

You can register in this pool and earn profits or take advantage of the limited time offers. This pool allows you and all Kocoin users to earn passive income.

What is soft staking?

The idea of this staking method is obtained from the currency locking mechanism in the staking process. Normally if you want to stake a currency you have to lock it and get paid in return. Soft staking is opposed to this method and you can use your coins whenever you want. With this method, you actually keep your currencies in a wallet and you get a passive income.
In this method of staking in Kokoin, there is no time to lock, unlock and no hassle. This feature is a very suitable option due to the constantly fluctuating nature of digital currencies. In a situation where the market is confused, you don't need to wait for the necessary time to open your currencies. In this situation, while you have staked your currencies, you also participate in the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of staking in Kocoin exchange:

If we consider each feature separately, everything in this soft stick app looks great. You don't need to do anything, and you don't need a wallet either. Kocoin keeps your assets safe from any hacking attempts. Since a pool is used, your profit is continuous and you don't need to wait a long time to get the profit. In addition, it is simple to use.

You do not have the power to control your coins and only the digital numbers that the coin shows you. Due to the large amount of money, hackers try to hack it. All in all, it can be said that it is good for ordinary people to use it, but it is not good for the whole world of digital currencies.

In the end, it should be said that steaking in Kokoin has many advantages. You put your money in the exchange and while you are not using it, your money earns interest. In this case, you get a passive income which is one of the best benefits of staking. However, there are also risks, including the enormous power and control that Kokoin wields.

Considering that Kocoin is a well-known company, this risk is not too worrying. However, any hacker who can get into the system can crash a number of projects and steal as much staked currency as possible. If you are looking for passive income in addition to trading, just use Kocoin's soft staking system, which brings you many advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do I earn by staking in Kocoin?

Each coin has its own interest rate. Hydra currency has the highest annual profit with 76% per year and other currencies such as Polkadate with 13.45% and Cardano with 4.38% per year. Of course, these percentages change at different times and you may see different numbers in some situations.

2. Is cocoyam good for steak?

For a solo investor, Kocoin is one of the best options available to participate in staking pools. Of course, if you don't intend to stake in Kocoin, this exchange also provides you with other options.

3. Where to see the reward or profit of staking in Kokoin?

In the upper right part, there is an option called Assets, when you click on it, you will see another option called Assets Detail. When you click below it, a list will open showing all your profits.

4. How often does Kocoin usually pay interest?

Each coin has its own release period and even if you can stake or de-stake a currency whenever you want, you will receive different profits depending on the date. This means that depending on the currency you stake, it takes between 1 and 28 days for release. During this period, the currency will not be staked and no interest will be given to it. Of course, you can withdraw or trade with the primary currency whenever you want.

5. Is it possible to stake Cardano currency in Kocoin?

Cardano is one of several currencies that can be staked in the Coin pool known as Pool-X. This currency has one of the shortest release times, which is equal to 24 hours. Its profit is constantly changing and varies from 1 to 2% a day. This feature has made it possible for people to earn in a third currency as well, while there is a lot of flexibility to work with currencies.

6. Does Solana currency have the ability to stick in Kocoin?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stake Solana currency in Kocoin exchange until now. Considering the popularity of this currency that is increasing every day, it is only a matter of time when this feature will be added. Despite this, Solana currency is not included in the list of currencies that can be staked in Kocoin.


Despite all the talk about this exchange, Kocoin has shown that it can be trusted (although nothing is guaranteed). The high number of users, extensive facilities, and high liquidity have placed this exchange among the leaders of the market, and many Iranians use it. Despite this, it is always better to follow the security tips whether in this exchange or other exchanges. We suggest you join Persian Elite's VIP channel so that you can use the powerful signals that are analyzed by the biggest traders in the world on a daily basis.

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