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Best crypto indicator

These days, which is in its recession, they give investment in this market to the digital currency market. The indicator crypto has the potential to grow and increase capital. Probably in 5 to 10 years, the value of some digital currencies will rise amazingly and crypto indicators will take over the world. But the main issue is that among 8400 currencies, which one is the best digital currency for investment?! In this article, we introduce the best digital currency for investment in 2022.

The crypto currency indicator has the potential to grow and increase capital

The crypto currency indicator has the potential to grow and increase capital

Popular day trading strategies


Scalping is one of the most popular crypto currency indicator day trading strategies to make short-term profits. Scalping involves making small but frequent trades that usually last from a few seconds to a few minutes. traders can take advantage of small price changes in the markets.

At the same time, you can use this strategy to leverage markets up and down. The only limitation of this strategy is your reaction time and the latency of the platform you are using. However, crypto scaling does not require technical knowledge and can be used in a wide variety of market conditions.

High frequency trading

Next, high-frequency trading is a cryptocurrency day trading strategy that uses algorithms and bots to execute trades. Basically, its automatic scaling is done. Bots can make frequent small trades for profit faster than a human can. It may take a long time to find your ideal strategy.

Business scope

Range trading is a great crypto currency indicator day trading strategy that has the potential to profit while cushioning the downside when markets move in the opposite direction. A trading range basically works by setting a range between support and resistance levels.

The key to this strategy is to buy when the asset price reaches the support level and sell when the price reaches the resistance line. This technique has limitations because the asset will inevitably go out of bounds.

Technical analysis

Technical indicators are a prominent tool in crypto currency indicator day trading strategies. Typically, indicator strategies trade based on secondary sources of information such as MACD (Moving Average Divergence), RSI (Relative Strength Index), Bollinger Bands and others.

Using technical indicators, you can trade manually in your multi-exchange trading interface. You can also run an automated trading bot like MACD or Bollinger Bands and use technical indicators and high frequency trading.

Trading based on emotions

Sentiment based trading is another common day trading strategy that uses data obtained from public information such as news sources, social media outlets or even Google search trends to find entry or exit points for your trades. 

For example, Elon Musk tweets about Dogecoin. You can set notifications for the moment that type of tweet is triggered, potentially ahead of the game. The faster you can receive and act on new information, the greater your potential to make business decisions ahead of others.

The best digital currency suitable for investment in 2022

You can earn profit by buying and selling coins in digital currency exchanges with less than 500 thousand tomans; but what should we buy to get a significant profit? In the following, we will introduce the 10 best crypto currency indicators that are suitable for purchase this year.

1- CARDANO digital currency

The CARDANO project started in 2015 under the management of Charles Hoskinson. Instead of using its old block chain technology, CARDANO has created a new block chain network. CARDANO is the name of the block chain that allows people to receive and pay money.

ADA is also the name of the digital currency of this project. ADA is a non-minable coin, which means that all ADAs are mined and offered by its producer. CARDANO is used for transactions and currency exchange as well as for smart and direct contracts. In fact, CARDANO is a third-generation digital currency and smart contract platform that improves the shortcomings of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The developers of the CARDANO project define its goal as combining the best features of lite coin, Bit coin and Ethereum in one digital currency. Transactions on CARDANO are faster and cheaper than lite coin. It is more secure than Bit coin and executes smart contracts better than Ethereum. Therefore, the main advantages of CARDANO are:

Advantages of CARDANO

The high security of the CARDANO network is even more secure than Bitcoin.
It makes transactions faster than Lite Coin.
The cost of transactions on it is lower than Litecoin.
It implements smart contracts better than Ethereum.
It has a powerful ecosystem.
It has the legal support of governments, governments and regulatory authorities (especially in Japan).
There will be a limited supply and only 45 billion ADA will exist.

Disadvantages of CARDANO

  • Ripple, Stellar and Neo process and confirm more than 1000 transactions per second. This value is higher than CARDANO processing speed.
  • Some goals of the CARDANO project have not been implemented yet; because its block chain network is developing.
  • Currently it only does 257 transactions per second.
  • Its official wallet has defects.

The future of CARDANO digital currency

Now CARDANO is one of the top digital currencies and most analysts in the digital currency market are optimistic about its future. According to them, depending on some factors, this crypto currency indicator will grow significantly. Searching for project improvement, attracting top businessmen, attracting new research to develop the project, etc. are among the factors influencing the value of CARDANO.

CARDANO analysis

Currently, it seems to be growing and moving towards the green support zone, it is recommended to buy at the prices of $0.35 to $0.37.

2- Litecoin

Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, created Litecoin in 2011 by making a series of changes to the Bit coin protocol. Among cryptos, Bitcoin is compared to gold and lite coin is compared to silver. Litecoin is cheaper and more suitable for everyday payments and transactions, and this feature has placed it among the best digital currencies. The number of lite coins that can be mined, like Bit coin, is limited. There are only 84 million lite coin units to mine. Transactions of this digital currency, like Bitcoin, are peer-to-peer.

Advantages of Lite coin

  • International money exchange, without the need for administrative paperwork
  • Receive and make financial payments in just a few minutes
  • Dedicated wallet to store Lite coins
  • Instant and low-cost confirmation of transactions

Disadvantages of Litecoin

  • Spending a lot of energy to extract
  • Non-acceptance of Lite coin among the public, compared to other digital currencies
  • Decreasing its value with the emergence of a more evolved cryptocurrency

The future of lite coin digital currency

Until today, the price of lite coin has been somewhat dependent on the price of Bit coin. In 2013, 2017 and 2020, we saw the jump in the price of this currency. Most analysts consider lite coin to be promising and believe in the growth of its value. According to digital currency market analysts, until 2025, this cryptocurrency will continue its slow and turtle growth.

3- Bitcoin

Most of us know digital currency as Bit coin. Some people don't know any other cryptocurrency except Bit coin! Bit coin, which is now the most famous coin in the world, is a crypto currency indicator with a peer-to-peer network. You must have read about it everywhere and know that the identity of its creator has not been revealed. The main goal of the creator of Bit coin is to eliminate all financial intermediaries, including banks.

Advantages of Bitcoin

  • Reduce corruption
  • Immediate transactions and no need for banks
  • Non-blocking of money and decentralization
  • Easy exchange with other digital currencies
  • Accepted by large stores to receive goods and services
  • Non-disclosure of people's identities to carry out transactions
  • High liquidity

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

  • Economic corruption and money laundering
  • Slow transactions
  • Non-return of transactions
  • Extreme price fluctuations
  • Scam

The best digital currency of 2020 to early 2022 was undoubtedly Bitcoin

The best digital currency of 2020 to early 2022 was undoubtedly Bitcoin

The future of Bitcoin digital currency

The best digital currency of 2020 to early 2022 was undoubtedly Bit coin. This year, Bit coin grew about 11 times and reached the $66,000 channel; but in recent weeks, we saw the price of Bit coin fall below 55 thousand dollars. Predictions indicate that the price of Bit coin will reach 6 digits in the coming years. Experts believe that if Bit coin keeps the $50,000 channel, it can grow again.

This cryptocurrency is recognized and many international banks have invested in it. The formalization of Bit coin will attract fans and applicants and as a result increase its price.

4- Uniswap digital currency

Decentralized exchange UniSwap has created a dedicated digital currency with the same name. Vitalik Buterin, creator of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, provided UniSwap's infrastructure; then in 2018, Hayden Adams designed its protocol. UniSwap's goal was to create a platform for users of the Ethereum block chain to make transactions directly. It is actually a protocol for exchanging ERC20 tokens.

What is ERC20? All digital currencies are created on the Ethereum block chain.

Benefits of UniSwap

  • Support for two networks, Ethereum and UniSwap, which provides growth opportunities for this cryptocurrency.
  • Due to the use of the Ethereum network, it has high speed and security for transactions.
  • The popularity of UniSwap exchange among the public will also lead to the growth and popularity of cryptocurrency.

Disadvantages of UniSwap

Gas fees: UniSwap, which runs on the Ethereum network, uses gas to pay for transactions, just like Ethereum. This increases the cost of transactions, especially during rush hour. Sometimes the cost of making a transaction even reaches 30 dollars.

Cancellation of the transaction due to low gas: during the busy time of transactions, the transactions with low gas are canceled and only the transactions with high gas cost are accepted. Worse, if the transaction is canceled, the gas fee will not be returned to the user!

Rogue Money: Rogue Money refers to the phenomenon of fraud with tokens. The cause of this phenomenon is the lack of monitoring of the tokens created.

What is gas? The amount of transaction fees on the Ethereum network is determined by gas. Transactions vary in the amount of work they require to process. For example, an Ether transaction takes less work than executing a smart contract. In fact, gas determines how much work needs to be done to complete a transaction. Users determine how much they are willing to pay for each unit of gas. This is how the total amount of the fee is determined. The advantage of GAS is to prevent the increase of fees when the price of Ether has increased sharply. An example of a gas concept:

If we consider making transactions equivalent to the movement of our gasoline car, our car needs fuel to move. Car fuel is gasoline. We have to pay money (Ether) to the gas station (miners) to buy gas (gas). The cost that users pay for gas is given to miners. In exchange for this money, they are obliged to confirm transactions and maintain the security of the network.

The future of UniSwap digital currency

Most crypto indicator analysts believe that UniSwap's true value is much higher than its current value. This issue has made UniSwap attractive for investment and placed it in the list of top digital currencies. Wide publicity for this cryptocurrency, being on the platform of Ethereum and smart contract protocols, are all factors that make UniSwap a suitable option for investment.

5- Tron (TRX)

Tron digital currency was created in 2017 by Justin Sun in a Singaporean institution. Tron uses block chain to develop a global market in a decentralized manner. This global market includes entertainment, media and various types of content. In fact, online stores (such as Google play, App store) that offer programs and applications are removed. In this way, users receive the programs directly and directly from their creators. Tron's main goal is to provide decentralized internet.

Pay attention, we have a Tron block chain that allows for the creation of decentralized applications, and there is a Tronix digital currency for exchanges and transactions.

Advantages of Tron digital currency

  • Tron transaction fees are almost zero.
  • It can control 1000 transactions per second.
  • It handles high volume transactions.
  • It is popular among the public.

Disadvantages of Tron digital currency

Tronics' biggest flaw was that they marketed a huge amount of it. This action caused the value of this currency to drop. Another disadvantage is that it has no support.

The future of Tron digital currency

Justin Sun himself considers Tron to be the best digital currency and claims that it will reach $2 in 2 years. Of course, analysts predict that Tron will reach $1 by 2025. Tronix tokens are necessary in Tron network interactions; for this reason, they can be suitable for investment. The development of Tron will increase the price of Tronics.

6- Ethereum digital currency

In 2015, Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum, which is the second generation of digital currencies. In addition to having the capabilities of a currency, Ethereum is a platform for running decentralized applications. Among the most important applications of the Ethereum network is the implementation of smart contracts. This particular use of Ethereum has placed it among the top digital currencies.

What is a smart contract? It is a protocol for confirming and executing the contract. This contract implements transactions without intermediaries and third parties. Smart contracts can be tracked, but they will not be traceable in any way.

Advantages of Ethereum

  • Unchangeable and tamperable
  • high security
  • Programs are always active and not intruding into them
  • Decentralization and conversion of all centralized services such as insurance, voting, etc. into decentralized services

Disadvantages of Ethereum

  • Human error that may occur on the part of programmers.

  • Irreversibility of smart contracts
  • Some countries do not accept smart contracts
  • High implementation cost

Ethereum price future

An upward trend is predicted for the future of this crypto currency indicator, which will probably continue until 2025. Some analysts have high hopes for the future of Ethereum and predict a price of $1440 for it. The feature of implementing programs, applications, financial services and executing smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain has made this cryptocurrency one of the most widely used. This indicates a bright future for Ethereum.

7- Bitcoin Cash (B cash)

Bit coin Cash is a digital currency used as a peer-to-peer payment network. This cryptocurrency was created in 2017 in order to solve the shortcomings of Bit coin. Like Bit coin, Bit coin Cash is limited to 21 million units. This coin has two major differences from Bitcoin, which are:

Block size: Bit coin Cash block is larger than Black Bit coin, which makes transactions faster and cheaper.

Bit coin is worth more than Bit coin Cash.

Advantages of Bitcoin Cash

  • Due to the larger block, it makes transactions faster.
  • It is accepted in important exchanges and digital currency reference.
  • Transaction fees with Bit coin Cash are very low.

Disadvantages of Bit coin Cash

  • Limitation on the number of pools
  • Inability to distinguish between Bit coin and Bit coin Cash, resulting in investors not trusting it
  • Not accepted as a long-term investment

The future of Bitcoin Cash

Despite the lack of acceptance of Bit coin Cash by members of the digital currency community, Bit coin Cash has become a suitable investment tool and has been included in the list of top 10 digital currencies. In 2018, Bit coin Cash experienced a significant price jump. Some believe that it will go up and touch the $32.791 channel. In fact, it probably won't last long at that price, and it will go down to a record for it.

8- Stellar digital currency

Jed MC Caleb was a member of the Ripple project team who left due to problems with his group. He created stellar digital currency in 2014. Stellar is almost similar in nature to Ripple. That is, like Ripple, it has a stellar network and a cryptocurrency known as Lumen. Lumen does not need to be mined, there are about 100 billion of them that will be released to the market over time. Payments are made on the stellar network with very low fees. Stellar is highly scalable. Lumen is able to process about 1000 transactions per second. The most important feature of Stellar Lumen is converting digital currency to fiat currency. With this feature, it is possible to trade currency pairs.

Advantages of Stellar digital currency

  • 1000 transactions per second
  • Decentralized internet network
  • The possibility of trading currency pairs
  • Low cost and fees
  • Making transactions without the need for an exchange
  • Providing the possibility of exchanging fiat currencies such as dollars and cryptocurrencies

Disadvantages of Stellar digital currency

  • Due to the existence of many competitors, it must be constantly developed in order not to be eliminated.
  • Stellar Lumen cannot be mined and must only be purchased from an exchange.

Stellar cryptocurrency price prediction in 2022

Stellar is currently in a correction process. In such circumstances, there are two analyses of the future of this currency:

The start of the upward trend from the bottom of the channel up to 70 cents, which is its previous record. If it breaks its resistance of 70 cents, the next ceiling it hits will be 80 cents.

If it breaks the support point, the price will drop to about 46 cents.

The Stellar foundation is one of the richest among cryptocurrencies. The main reason that gives us hope for Stellar's future is IBM. IBM is a manufacturer and seller of software and hardware, providing services such as infrastructure, web hosting, NANO technology and mainframe. This company cooperates with most private and central banks in Asia. Currently, Stellar and Ripple are two options for IBM. If Stellar is selected, it will definitely grow a lot.

9- Digital currency Binance Coin (Binance Coin)

Binance is a digital currency based on the block chain network. This coin entered the market in 2017 through ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In 2019, this cryptocurrency established its own exchange. Its manufacturer is Changpengzhao known as CZ. This currency is built on the Ethereum block chain network.

Benefits of Binance Coin

  • Low fee
  • Providing the possibility of discounts on fees (on the Binance exchange)
  • Can be used to buy other cryptocurrencies
  • Exchange with other cryptocurrencies
  • Speed in confirming transactions
  • Acceptable among service providers, especially in the tourism and accommodation industry

Disadvantages of Binance Coin

The biggest disadvantage of this currency is that this year the fee discount law due to Binance Coin will end, if after this feature it is not able to find its place in the market, it will probably be completely removed.

Binance Coin price prediction in 2022

Considering the growth of Binance Coin during this period and the support of Binance Exchange, we can imagine a good future for it. One of the main reasons to hope for the future of this cryptocurrency is the extensive advertising and rewards and discounts that encourage people to buy it. Analysts have predicted a good growth for it based on their periodic technical analysis, these positive analyzes of the future of Binance Coin place it among the top digital currencies.

After the financial crises caused by the fourth wave of Corona and quarantine, digital currencies became more popular among people. The price prediction of Binance Coin or BNB in 2022 states that in the worst case, its price will reach $50.

10- Ripple digital currency (XRP)

Ripple was created in 2012 as an instant payment, exchange and currency transfer network. Some people may not know that Ripple is older than Bit coin; But it was not as lucky as Bit coin to gain world fame. Ripple is a platform and a digital currency aimed at making fast and secure transactions. The Ripple project aims to create a secure and decentralized communication and payment channel for financial institutions and banks around the world. Bit coin and Ripple have two distinct differences, which are:

Speed and cost of confirming transactions: Ripple confirms transactions cheaper and faster than Ripple.

Purpose: Bit coin aims to eliminate intermediaries such as banks by conducting peer-to-peer transactions; But Ripple doesn't think the existence of banks is bad, it just tries to solve the problem of international money exchanges by providing decentralized banking services.

Benefits of Ripple

  • Unforgeable
  • High speed of transactions
  • Providing the possibility of lending and borrowing as soon as possible
  • Very simple connection to payment networks
  • Absence of inflation due to the mining of all ripples

Disadvantages and risks of investing in Ripple digital currency

Ripple is currently one of the high-risk investments that can yield amazing returns under certain conditions. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed complaints against Ripple, which could make the company face heavy fines of several billion dollars. On the other hand, Ripple has a good position in Japan's jurisdiction and it is possible that Japan will take action to save it. However, if Ripple succeeds in rejecting the complaints in court, we will see its price explode.

Ripple digital currency price prediction in 2022

As mentioned, if Ripple wins in court, we will see a significant growth in the price of Ripple. Bitcoin was only 3 dollars in 2011, and today, according to our currency, each Bit coin is worth nearly 5 billion Tomans! If Ripple's court case was not involved, it might have been placed as the first cryptocurrency in the list of top digital currencies.

Regarding the future of Ripple, Alireza Irandoost, a financial market analyst, said: "Given that in 2018, Ripple has even seen a price of around 3.5 dollars in some exchanges, we expect this digital currency to grow even more. And its first goal is to reach this point, and after breaking this historic ceiling, we expect it to reach $12 in the long term."

Which digital currency should we not buy?

In the cryptocurrency market, some cryptos have experienced over 1000% growth. The question is, among these 84, 00 cryptocurrencies, which ones are suitable for investment and which ones are not worth buying?

There are 4 main criteria that we must pay attention to in order to be successful in our investment. These 4 parameters are:

1- White Paper

A white paper is a complete report of the performance of a plan or project and the problem it solves. In fact, the white paper states cryptocurrency, what's the problem? And what solution does that currency offer to solve this problem? In this way, you can get to know the outlook and future of that cryptocurrency, and it will be easy for you to understand its conditions. We have included cryptocurrencies in our list of top cryptocurrencies that have attractive whitepapers.

To check the white paper of any currency, just search in your browser, for example, Ethereum white paper. The white paper of most of the cryptocurrencies has been translated into Farsi; but if nothing is found, search in English. For example: ripple white paper

2- Market value

Crypto currencies are ranked based on the highest market value and the lowest market value. The higher the market value of a currency, the greater the agreement and focus on that currency. Probably many of the concerns and weaknesses that exist in other cryptocurrencies do not exist in that currency.

Crypto compare is another site that can be used in this field

3- BTC.D index

BTC.D or Bit coin Dominance index indicates the penetration and dominance of Bit coin. This indicator shows the conditions of the Bit coin market with the market of other digital currencies. It is a chart that can be analyzed based on the knowledge of technical analysis of the chart. If this chart signals an uptrend in the future, it means that Bit coin is going to grow more than other coins in the future. As a result, investing in Bit coin is a better choice than other cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, if we predict a downward trend based on this chart that means buying alt coins (currencies except Bit coin) are better options for investment.

Bitcoin is the leader of the digital currency market

Bitcoin is the leader of the digital currency market

4- Bit coin chart analysis

Bit coin is the leader of the digital currency market; Experience has shown that if Bit coin experiences a drop, it gives a signal to exit the market. That is, if Bit coin falls, alt coins will fall much worse.

Which digital currency should we buy??? (Author’s comment)

In this article, we introduced 10 of the best digital currencies that analysts are more optimistic about their future. These forecasts are all based on fundamental analysis; while the news and events of the day can change the trend of a currency in a minute. The parameters mentioned above can help to some extent in buying and selling digital currency.

If you are willing to take a lot of risk for big profits, the cryptocurrency indicator will be right for you. 6 points are the main requirements of this market, which are:

  • Risk taking
  • Enough knowledge
  • Analysis knowledge
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring world news
  • Choose a reliable exchange

Which digital currency will grow the most in 2022?

These digital currencies show promising growth and high returns in the long term. Bit coin crashed in the first half of 2022 cryptocurrency market. Before that, Bit coin reached half of its all-time high of US$30,000. ... Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency next to Bit coin. ... XRP ... Connect ... USD ... Cardano ... Dogecoin ... Binance Coin

Which cryptocurrency has the most potential in 2022?

To help you invest smart, here are the best cryptocurrencies with the most growth potential in September. Binance Coin ... Dogecoin ... Connect ... USD ... Real Estate ... Polkadot ... Ethereum Ethereum is the network that powers the Ether token. ... Uniswap Deletion runs on the Ethereum network and powers the Uniswap crypto exchange.

Will CARDAN hit $100?

While there are many potential catalysts and developments that should keep CARDANO afloat for some time to come, reaching $100 in the medium term would be a bit ambitious. For the ADA to reach $100, it would have to rise nearly 3,300 percent from current levels. 22 September 1400

Will Dogecoin hit $1 in 2020?

No one accepts this case; because then Dogecoin will disappear. According to experts, this coin will never reach $1. ... On the other hand, Dogecoin's current market cap is around $10 billion. So, if Dogecoin reaches $1 per coin this year, the market cap will be around $135 billion.

What is the cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in 2022?

15 cryptocurrencies to invest in in, in 2022 that are cheap. Bit coin (BTC), originally designed by the anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, is the first cryptocurrency. ... Lite coin ... Ethereum ... Dogecoin ... VeChain ... Binance Coin (BNB) ... XRP or Ripple. ... The main sign of attention.

Is digital currency a good investment in 2022?

Compared to the global stock market capitalization of around $100 trillion, the cryptocurrency market is valued at less than 2% today. Therefore, entering this market in 2022 will still be good enough for most investors.

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