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What is a shitcoin and which are the best shitcoins lists?

2022/08/31 - 08:27

 Nowadays, shitcoin is one of the most important parts of the cryptocurrency world and a lot of people are looking for new shitcoins in order to have a great investment. The reason is that there is a huge explosion in the crypto market and if a person knows this world in the right way, they can be successful in a short time. In the current paper, we are going to mention the definition of the shitcoin club and shitcoins list 2023. To catch more detail about this topic, read this article ahead!

What is a shitcoin?

People may laugh when we talk about the word shitcoin. So, you can recognize that shitcoin is a derogatory word that is used in order to define some cryptocurrencies without a recognizable purpose. In recent years, coins list 2021 was popular, and a lot of people invested in these cryptocurrencies.

How does a shitcoin work?

As you know, the experience of the beginning of Bitcoin in 2009 increased the interest of people in cryptocurrencies more than before. This event has been more distinguished since the progress of Bitcoin in last years. As a result, a lot of people tend to invest in different cryptocurrencies. Broadly, some people call these cryptocurrencies altcoins and they believe that they have the simple ideas of Bitcoin.

It should be mentioned that most of the time, there is a huge restriction on the availability of digital tokens. This is where we need some other coins in order to substitute restricted currencies. For example, you should know that the maximum availability of Bitcoin will be just 21 million BTC in the world. Additionally, Ethereum currency will not exist for more than 18 million in the crypto world.

According to this fact, we need to have other cryptocurrencies in order to compensate for this limitation. Understanding this fact is the reason that a lot of crypto investors are concerned.

How to recognise a shitcoin

How to recognise a shitcoin?

Before you know shitcoins list 2023 here, you need to know that many people believe that identifying these shitcoins is much easier than other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, it is possible that some people cannot recognize a shitcoin from others. In this part, we are going to mention some important factors that you need to take into account in order to identify a shitcoin. So, pay attention carefully and use the following approaches in order to do so.

Mysterious Developers

The first and most important factor in recognizing a shitcoin is that its developers are mysterious, and you cannot recognize them easily. You can easily realize developers of Bitcoin or Ethereum by doing some research. In the case of shitcoins, it is a totally different subject, and you may have no choice but to accept some fake names for developers of these cryptocurrencies.

Copy aspects of the project

Another approach in order to recognize a shitcoin from other cryptocurrencies is different aspects of the project that should not be copied or generic. Additionally, some websites use a free domain, which means they like authenticity. Another factor that you can recognize a shitcoin is its written parts, and if you cannot understand them or they are hard to realize, they are likely shitcoins.

Low number of shitcoins

Low number of shitcoins

Professional investors and experts believe that any valid cryptocurrency needs to have more than 200 to 300 holders at a minimum. Whereas the shitcoins list 2023 shows that these cryptos have fewer holders. As a result, we can understand that any other currency with less than the minimum number can be considered shitcoin.

Low liquidity pool

Last but not least, another approach in order to realize a shitcoin from others is considering the liquidity pool. The reason is that the liquidity pool is the catalyst of decentralized exchanges in the crypto world. So, you can realize that if your considered project does not have $30,000 in its liquidity pool at a minimum, it is likely a shitcoin.

Is it good to invest in shitcoins?

After you gain some information about the shitcoin meaning and the approaches for their identification, it is time to know the worth of investing in these cryptocurrencies. Some people believe that investing in shitcoins can be a bad investment. Their reason is that they believe that investing in shitcoins is so risky, and some people may stand at the risk of losing their whole properties and investments.

Advantages and disadvantages of shitcoins investments

As we mentioned above, a lot of people consider investing in shitcoins so risky. On the other hand, some people believe that it can be a great idea because of many reasons. In this part, you can see some advantages and disadvantages of investing in this cryptocurrency and shitcoins to buy before you go for the shitcoins list 2023.

Advantages of investing on shitcoins

Advantages of investing in shitcoins

In the first part, we will explain why you need to invest in shitcoin. There are some advantages that you need to invest in this cryptocurrency, and we are going to mention three of them. We will explain them later.

Rising price sharply

The first advantage of investing in shitcoins crypto is that the price can rise sharply. Since they have a low price to buy, people can purchase them in huge numbers. Additionally, most people prefer to buy and hold them because of their low cost.

Then, a famous or influential figure may speak about one shitcoin, and as a result, its price will rise sharply. This is the same situation when a famous cryptocurrency investor talks about one shitcoin. We had the same situation that the prices of these shitcoins had suddenly increased. So, you can consider that there is always a probability that investing in some shitcoins can bring you a lot of profit.

Low price

Another reason that many people tend to buy shitcoins is their low price. They have a low value, and you can buy and hold them in significant volumes. If you have a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrency rules, you can realize that the price of other tokens, such as bitcoin and Ethereum is so high. On the contrary, shitcoins have a low price, and most people are able to buy them without concern. It has a huge impact on the shitcoins list 2023 that we will elaborate later.

Low price

It should be mentioned that the price of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is more than 1 million just for one coin. So, you can start investing in top shitcoins 2021 even with low cash. It means that you do not need a huge amount of money in order to make a big profit. Based on what we mentioned, you can purchase some shitcoins for 100 yen for one coin. As a result, you can hold a considerable number of coins and make larger profits.

Wide variety

Last but not least, another reason that way say about the advantages of a shitcoins is their wide variety. As a result, you are able to buy a wide variety of these cryptocurrencies. As we mentioned in the previous part, you are able to buy different cryptocurrencies of shitcoins for less than 100 yen each. 

So, you can buy and hold more than 50 kinds of coins and pay around 50000 yen. This can be considered the beginning of a huge investment. As you are able to invest in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, the probability of your profit can be more than other cryptos. In addition, you should know that holding several kinds of shitcoins can increase the chance of your profit and reduce the chance of being damaged.

Disadvantages of investing in shitcoins

On the other side, some people believe that investing in shitcoins list 2023 can be risky. As a result, they prefer not to invest in these coins. In this part, you can see some disadvantages of investing in Reddit shitcoins.

Plummeting The Price

Plummeting the price

The first and most crucial disadvantage of investing in shitcoins is that it is possible that the price of these cryptocurrencies will plummet and they will lose their value. We mentioned that one of the most important advantages of investing in shitcoins is that the price will rise sharply. On the contrary, they may lose their value in the same way. So, you should be totally cautious about investing in these cryptocurrencies.

Stick in mind that shitcoins are not so popular in the cryptocurrency world. So, there is always a little expectation in the future for these coins. As a result, you should not forget that there is always a risk that your bought shitcoins will sharply become worthless, and this may happen so suddenly. Accordingly, you need to realize all aspects of high risk and high return before you start investing in different shitcoins. 

Abolishment of handling exchanges

In addition to the mentioned advantage, it is possible that you face some difficulties in handling exchanges, and as a result, you cannot manage your property.  When you want to start investing in shitcoins, and they have low demand and low price in the world, it is so difficult to trade these coins and manage them. So, think about shitcoins list 2023 carefully.
In this case, if the exchange of your considered shitcoin is abolished, it is likely to reduce the value of the coin in the future. So, it is too important to realize if they are worth to invest or not. This helps you to save your property and prevents you from being a loser.



Another reason that some people prefer not to invest in shitcoins is that there is always a possibility of fraud in these cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the world, and some coins are designed to trick money with no real situation.

The same situation happened in Japan in 2017. In that year, there was a cryptocurrency named Clover Coin with massive popularity among investors, and they thought if they purchased this coin, its price would increase. 

However, the fact was that the Clover Coin was only a fraudulent coin. It should be mentioned that if you invest in fraudulent cryptocurrencies, you can easily have a big loss and lose all your property in one night. So, it is important to get enough information about your considered shitcoins and make sure about their validity.

How to choose a reliable shitcoin?

Based on what you realize, you know that there are various kinds of shitcoins in the world, and you may not choose the best one for a reliable investment. All those shitcoins ist 2023 have colossal potential to return your property in a short time. They are also very risky for various reasons that we mentioned above. So, we recommend choosing the best shitcoin in this huge cryptocurrency world based on the following factors. We will give an explanation of each factor in detail.

How to choose a reliable shitcoin

A coin with a market capitalization of less than 100

Suppose you want to choose a reliable shitcoin and start investing in it. In that case, we recommend choosing a reliable cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of less than the #100 level in the market. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies with a high rank in market capitalization. In the same way, it is possible to increase their value and profits.

Meanwhile, you can realize that shitcoins have a high risk and high return in the same way, and they are likely to increase several hundred times at a stretch. As a result, it is important to select a shitcoin with less than 100th place in the market capitalization.

On the other hand, you are able to look for their trustworthiness and validity if there is the operator or developer of your considered shitcoin on their website. In fact, many shitcoins had a sudden rise in their price from lower than 100th place. Therefore, you can have a high expectation for coins you have selected below 100th place.

Coins with low price fluctuations

Another factor in choosing the best shitcoins list 2023 is that its price fluctuation should be slight. You should know that there are a lot of shitcoins in the world whose price will not return high again. It seems that many investors tend to invest in shitcoins that had a high price before. Then, we recommend selecting a shitcoin that can stand in its chart. It means that you have to choose a coin that has never suddenly soared before.

Shitcoins are not mentioned on major currency exchanges

Shitcoins are not mentioned on major currency exchanges

The last way to choose reliable shitcoins to invest in is to consider their cryptocurrency exchanges and your coin in this list. As there are a lot of famous cryptocurrency exchanges, they are traded in the cryptocurrency world. These coins are likely to be popular in the field.

On the other hand, some coins are not listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. In this case, they have low popularity, and investors don't tend to trade them. Experts believe these kinds of shitcoins have more chance for a significant return. So, we can say that choosing unpopular and unknown coins which are not listed on cryptocurrency exchanges can be considered a recommended approach to get a big payout.

Best shitcoins to invest in 2022

Based on what you realized here, investing in different kinds of shitcoins list 2023 has the potential to provide substantial returns in a short time. This is why many people are interested in investing in these kinds of cryptocurrencies. For example, if you had an investment in the Shiba Inu shitcoin, you have another potential to raise your assets to 20800000% by the end of this year.

In other words, if you know what shitcoins to invest in, you will be able to increase your profits in a short during of time. So, we can say that shitcoins can easily help investors to increase their investment by more than 1000% in the shortest amount of time. 
Don't forget that the price of shitcoins may plummet to soar. So, if you want to be successful in this huge world and acquire the greatest profit, it is unduly important to look for the best shitcoins to invest in 2021, 2022, and even the later years. It is a reason that when you realize what the trending shitcoins in the world are, you can be successful better than others.

But how can you find the top 10 shitcoins 2021 and other years? We are here to help you in this manner. We have provided top shitcoins 2021 and other years that help you in order to have great and reliable investments. If you know the list of shitcoins 2021, you will be able to increase your profits and return your budget in a short time. We made these shitcoins list 2023 according to our assessment of their growth potential in the future.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

In the first list of shitcoins, we can see Shiba Inu with a massive number of followers on social media platforms. But do you think does it worth buying and investing in Shiba Inu cryptocurrency? In order to answer this question, you have to know that Shiba Inu is known as one of the most notable shitcoins in the world of cryptocurrencies at the moment. Here we will tell you if it is worth investing in Shiba shitcoin or not.

As we mentioned above, Shiba Inu is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world among all cryptos, with more than $12.7 billion in market capitalization. This popularity is because of its price rising in August 2020. That year, investors saw their portfolios rise by up to 16000000 percent.

The website of Shiba Inu notes that this cryptocurrency can become the 'Dogecoin killer,' and it has been designed based on this fact. Shiba Inu has millions of followers on social media platforms with more than ten crypto market valuations. In other words, we can say that the strategy of Shiba Inu really paid off.

It should be mentioned that Shiba Inu rose because of George Collins of significant approvals. As a result, famous influencers, such as Elon Musk, have a significant impact on their community in order to help the growth of Shiba Inu. This is so important in the shitcoins list 2023 and other years.

You need to know that Shiba Inu was created as a fun alternative to the current status quo. Since its price can easily rise and drop, we can consider that Shiba Inu is a meme coin. This shitcoin was established in 2020, and it was known as the 'Dogecoin killer.' Unfortunately, this cryptocurrency has no real use cases. However, it can be considered one of the most popular shitcoins, and this is the reason we have listed this cryptocurrency among the best shitcoins 2022.

2 Shiba Inu

Another reason that we think Shiba Inu is a meme coin is because of the shitcoin meaning and even the shitcoin price. Undoubtedly, you need to stick in your mind that all shitcoins are hazardous. This is a true fact event about the best shitcoins. On the other hand, many experts and investors believe that the attraction of Shiba Inu is difficult to ignore in this case.

The price of Shiba Inu exploded after Elon musk's tweet in 2021. This tweet was the main reason for the rising price of Shiba Inu. Since its creation, Shiba Inu has had an outstanding performance, and the cryptocurrency world and most investors are satisfied with this coin. This is why we have located it among the best shitcoins list 2023. 

But it doesn't mean that Shiba Inu is a great approach in order to invest in the long term. You need to think deeply about your investment before starting it. It would be best if you thought about your first investment and the risk of its loss. You can gain more information about the performance of this shitcoin in its white paper on the official website of Shiba Inu.


The SafeMoon is one of the new shitcoins in the cryptocurrency world, with a huge number of followers. This cryptocurrency can be considered as a substitute for some shitcoins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

SafeMoon shitcoin is a really new cryptocurrency that was established in 2021 in the world and it has had acceptable growth so far. This shitcoin attracted a huge number of followers and investors' attention for investing. At the same time, many investors focused on this cryptocurrency instead of Dogecoin.

One funny fact about the shitcoins currency is that the interests and sentiments of investors and followers shift quickly. This is why most investors are looking for the next memecoin or shitcoins in the market. In order to exterminate Shiba Inu and use this paradigm, another shitcoin was launched in early 2021, and it was the SafeMoon that we have located in the shitcoins list 2023 for you.

 According to the creators of this crypto, after pricing in SHIB and DOGE, the industry of shitcoin will easily turn to the SafeMoon project and consider this cryptocurrency the next best option in the world.


It should be mentioned that the value of the SafeMoon was ascending in the first days after its launch. So, the value of this shitcoin reached around 2,000,000,000% in the first two weeks after its creators introduced this crypto. However, before the bulk of investors and experts had shifted their attention to this new shitcoin, the crypto market collapsed.

The digital wallet of this cryptocurrency has been published, and it was called SafeMoon V2. Additionally, it is said that the Hardware wallet of SafeMoon will be developed in the early future.

Another important fact about this cryptocurrency is its trading amounts in the market. It was recorded that the trading amounts of SafeMoon were around $100,000 and $1 million. As a result, these numbers have a high impact on the interest of users and followers in order to have great attention on SafeMoon trading.

Based on the speaking of some experts, it is expected that the value of SafeMoon will rise by December 2022, and this event is thanks to Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and its huge fan base. This is another reason that we have placed this coin among the best shitcoins list 2023.

But do you think that it is worth investing in SafeMoon or not? This can be considered the main reason for investors' and people's decision to invest in this crypto. One of the most important characteristics of the crypto market is volatility, and the SafeMoon is not an exception too. 

As a result, you cannot trust all shitcoins just because of their descending price in this market. The reason is that there is always a risk of loss. One of these losses happened for SafeMoon in April. So, you need to be totally conscious about your investment in all shitcoins such as SafeMoon.



Many experts and investors believe that one of the top shitcoins to invest in nowadays is Tamadoge. Many investors attempt to fund their property in this cryptocurrency. The native coin is known as TAMA, and it is the native token of the Tamaverse platform. This is one of the most attractive play-to-earn platforms in the market, with a combination of DeFi gaming elements.

Tamaverse has a virtual ecosystem in which users are able to create and breed their own Tamadoge pets. Additionally, they are able to trade these pets with other people in this virtual world. Creators had minted these paths as NFTs with the help of smart contract functionality. So, it is one of the best shitcoins list 2023 that you can invest in.

Each virtual pet has a shape of a dog, and it has unique characteristics that help you distinguish one pet from another. These characteristics allow users to be successful and compete with the help of their pets. You can compare them to each other on this community monthly, and the best performers are already bonded with TAMA coins.

The best part of this cryptocurrency is that users are able to chat with each other in this world and compete in order to receive R=rewards. This cryptocurrency also allows users to have a great conversation and interaction with each other. Many people are looking into ways to invest in this coin. So, we thought that it would be a good idea to bring Tamadog to this list.


You are able to purchase various Tamadoge pets from the Tama store. Don't forget that you need to have TAMA in order to have permission to buy these pets. The creators of this cryptocurrency claim that TAMA Can easily be a shitcoin because of its deflationary supply. Another positive aspect of this shitcoin is that, unlike dogecoin, it has an unlimited token supply. In this case, this token is available on the market for more than 2 billion and it is one of the top shitcoins 2023 and other years.

Based on what we mentioned above, you are able to purchase assets on these platforms with the help of TAMA in that store. Every time a player buys these assets with this cryptocurrency, 5% of all the tokens will easily be burnt. 

You realize that Tamadog is a shitcoin with potential, and its price will rise because of its competitive supply. Tamadoge has some plans for its future and its creators claim that they are going to design an AUgmented-Reality (AR) app.

Generally, Tamadoge can be considered as one of the best shitcoins to buy now. In addition to the mentioned cryptocurrencies, there are other shitcoins in the world that you need to be cautious about. You can see all the other shitcoins 2021 and other years. So, stop wasting your time and do not ignore the rest of this article.


Yearn.Finance was created in 2020. Andre Cronje, who was the developer of Ethereum, created Yearn.Finance. Unlike the previous one, the number of tokens of this cryptocurrency is limited, and there are only 36000 tokens available now, which is so much less than huge crypto such as Bitcoin. 

The reason is that the supply of Bitcoin is around 21 million. This goes some way toward explaining why this cryptocurrency trades per token for more than thousands of dollars, and we think it is one of the best shitcoins list 2023 here. 

At this time, the market capitalization of Yearn.Finance is only below $1 billion. The best part of this crypto asset is its design because it is designed like a government token. This factor allows the community of Yearn.Finance in order to decide and vote on the path of this project. Additionally, holders are able to open additional vaults and modify different strategies. 

In addition to the mentioned positive part, Yearn.Finance also has other advantages that we are going to mention here. This cryptocurrency enables its holders and investors to generate a passive income and profit from their investments. The reason is that when investors use the protocol, these fees are dispersed to the holders of Yearn.Finance token. Unlike many other projects in the crypto world, the developer team did not have a particular share of tokens. 

Experts and creators believe that this shitcoin not only has such a low supply of tokens, but it can be traded in the hundreds of thousands in the future if the DeFi coin still continues in order to grow more. It should be mentioned that their positive anticipation has an incredible impact on the growth of this token. The reason is that when they anticipate the future of this token positively, they can attract much attention and more investors to their project easily. 

Based on the above fact in the shitcoins list 2023, it is possible that you are looking for Yearn.Finance tokens to buy and hold for a long time. You are able to purchase crypto assets for $10 or even more through fractional trading with the help of eToro. 


Another important part of the Yearn.Finance token is its minimization of the annual profit by creating specific protocols. So, you can realize that Yearn.Finance has different protocols in order to minimize these profits. Additionally, protocols of this network have a positive impact on its investors since they believe that protocols turn the Yearn.Finance platform into a user-friendly environment. As a result, investors are able to invest in this platform easily. Here are some protocols of this shitcoin:

  • Yearn.Finance: This protocol allows users to move their investment automatically between different DeFi projects such as Curve, Aave, and Compound. This helps them to make an eye-catching profit annually. 
  • Ytrade Finance: Investors are able to make long-term and short-term investments with stablecoins with the help of this protocol. 
  • Yswap Exchange: By using this protocol, investors are able to transfer their assets manually (not automatically) to other protocols of DeFi easily. 
  • Yliquidate Finance: investors use flash loans in the Aave protocol in order to liquidate properties in the Yliquidate Finance protocol. The meaning of a flash loan is a loan that is valid only in one blockchain transition. 
  • Iborrow Finance: This protocol can tokenize other protocols with the help of Aave. 
  • It should be mentioned that the name of one of these protocols among shitcoins list 2023 is exactly the same as Yearn.Finance and this is Yearn.Finance protocol. As a result, it is possible that some users and investors mistake these terms and mistake the protocol with its crypto.  


One of the best shitcoins 2022 is Synthetix which was originally called Havven in the first. This network was designed as a decentralized stable coin and based on a payment network. As a result, we can think that the mentioned project is an electronic peer-to-peer system for cash.

Synthetix is a program for mining cryptocurrencies that easily provides exposure to real-world stocks, commodities, and other assets. The local token of this project is called SNX, which is used as collateral for issued Synths.


When you or any other investor purchase a shitcoin, it will be locked in a specific contract. Then, it allows you to use it in order to collateralize an asset on Synthetix. In other words, you can say that you are able to trade different synthetic versions of real-world assets without any direct ownership.

Nowadays, Synthetix is one of the best shitcoins to buy with less than $650 million, and you can start investing in shitcoins in order to achieve a reasonable profit.

Many experts and investors utilize this cryptocurrency in order to stake tokens and manufacture new synthesizers. In addition, this shitcoin crypto can be used for keeping track of the value of different and various assets in the crypto world, and we think it should be among the best shitcoins list 2023.

When users stake their own Synthetix tokens, they are easily rewarded. As a result, when they keep their tokens out of circulation, they are able to reduce the supply. Additionally, if the price of these tokens rises in value, the protocol of this crypto will unlocks the corresponding worth of tokens.

Imagine you have invested $100 in this cryptocurrency, and the price increases by 50%. In this case, you will receive $25 in Synthetix tokens. Thus, they may use these tokens in order to stake, and as a result, they will earn more transaction fee incentives. That way, you can make sure that Synthetix is one of the top 10 shitcoins for crypto staking rewards.

Now you may want to know how Synthetix was created. In order to answer this question, you need to know that Synthetix words a stablecoin in the first. As we mentioned in the first part of this section, this cryptocurrency was initially known as Haven. This shitcoin has a great improvement during this time, and it could achieve $118 million value. Additionally, it has been one of the biggest investment protocols with the DeFi protocols since December 2019.

When Synthetix networks were created and established, it has been more than 100 million SNX tokens. Around 60% of these tokens that are among the best shitcoins list 2023 were sold in the IPO. On the other hand, 20% of this amount was specified to the team and advisors of this network, and 3% was considered for marketing. In the end, 5% were determined to the participation incentives and 12%were specified to the Synthetix foundation. 

Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars is also one of the most popular shitcoins in the world nowadays. As you can see its name, the name of this cryptocurrency is taken from the infamous Dogecoin. In addition, Dogelon Mars can be considered an altcoin that followed the steps of Dogecoin as a joke. At the last level, it could turn into a popular cryptocurrency in the world that you can purchase and trade in order to achieve a reasonable profit.

This cryptocurrency was released in April of 2021, just in the time that Dogecoin peaked in huge popularity among investors and experts. It should be mentioned that at the same time, a lot of cryptocurrencies replicated Dogecoin emerged. This crypto is claimed to prevent the damage caused by a lot of tokens in the world, and as a result, it can prevent fraud.
The token of Dogelon Mars stands at #115, and its value will reach more than $895 million in the crypto market as of 30th November. So, we can really be optimistic about the market cap of this cryptocurrency and this is whi we located it among the best shitcoins list 2023 in this article.

You may wonder about the name of this cryptocurrency and do not know its meaning. First of all, you need to know that Dogelon Mars is the same as other cryptocurrencies, and there is no difference but some little protocols and stories.

For example, the name of this shitcoin is a combination of three words Doge, Elon, and Mars, which represent the ambition of this project. The first part (Doge) refers to the most populous meme coin in the world, Dogecoin. 

The second part (Elon) is attributed to the great supporter of shitcoins, and the last section (Mars) represents the ascending symbol of this cryptocurrency. It should be mentioned that although the name of this cryptocurrency is taken from the name of Elon Musk, he has nothing to do with Dogelon Mars. The creators of this shitcoin had written for a fantasy story in the form of comics.

2 Dogelon Mars

This cryptocurrency which is also known as Elon currency and Doge Elon has been published and launched in three Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon networks. You need to know that Dogelon Mars currency has no special use except for buying, selling, and holding in the wallet. It is also similar to other shitcoins in the world and there is no difference between shitcoins list 2023.

If you want to catch more information about the road map of this cryptocurrency, we need to mention that Dogelon Mars doesn't have a coherent technical roadmap. On the other hand, this crypto had determined its roadmap only with the mentioned fantasy story in the form of comics. 

But the social media and fans of Dogelon Mars explain that when this cryptocurrency is listed in all huge and important exchanges in the world, its price will rise incredibly. The developer team of this cryptocurrency is unknown such as many other list shitcoins. As you know, not disclosing the identity of developers has become a common rule for all shitcoins and memecoins. Even a new memecoin has not revealed the identity of its creators and developers. 

Magic Internet Money

Magic Internet Money is one of the best shitcoins to invest in 2022, which is located at the #2764 level on CoinMarketCap. At this time, the price of this cryptocurrency is around $1. The local token of this cryptocurrency is known as the MIM token, which is a stablecoin, and you are able to exchange it for any other traditional stablecoin in the crypto market. But why have we located this cryptocurrency among the shitcoins list 2023? The reason is that there is will you little information about the founding team of this cryptocurrency, and there is little support for exchanges of Magic Internet Money. Here we will elaborate in detail about this shitcoin. 

Magic Internet Money

Magic Internet Money was created by a decentralized platform named Abracadabra.money. Abracadabra uses some special tokens in order to stake MIM. These tokens include Liquidity Provider tokens 

(LP) from Convex, Curve, Yearn, and other such tokens. Liquid tokens of this platform differ from other stablecoins and other loan protocols such as MakerDAO so that each Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) is unique and has its own liquidation price.

Users are able to deposit their assets on this platform and use them as collateral in order to borrow the MIM stablecoin. You are able to buy this cryptocurrency from different exchanges and start trading shitcoins.

Floki Inu

Floki Inu can be considered one of the best and most popular shitcoins on today's list. The name of this cryptocurrency is inspired by Elon Musk's dog, which is called Floki. Additionally, the name of a currency is remembered for one of the best shitcoins in this list, named Shiba Inu. By looking at Floki Inu's ranking in the crypto market, you can realize that the mentioned cryptocurrency stands at position #2792 level on the coin market cap in November of 2021 and it is one of the shitcoins list 2023.

The official website of this cryptocurrency claims that most parts of supporters of a Shiba Inu project have made Floki Inu. As a result, it is not surprising if you know that this shitcoin gained a significant number of profits in only a few months. Of course, the main reason for this cryptocurrency's rising price is Elon Musk Street. In that case, he showcased his poppy named 'Floki' in order to increase the Floki Inu price.

Floki Inu

This simple event had a considerable impact on the price of this cryptocurrency. As we mentioned in the first part of this article, shitcoins are so affected by famous people's support. But the negative point of this shitcoin is that the rising price of Floki Inu did not last long term. The reason is that most of the time, shitcoins and memecoins do not have stable prices, and they fluctuate a lot in the crypto market. This is why we cannot determine the memecoin price in advance.

On the other hand, this cryptocurrency is working with various other projects. As a result, it has some differences from other usual shitcoins in the crypto market. For example, Floki Inu was officially associated with millions of garden movements in order to solve food insecurity issues. These movements are run by Kimbal Musk (Elon Musk's brother).

In addition to the mentioned project in the shitcoins list 2023, Floki Inu is partnered with many upcoming flagship projects. These popular projects include an education platform named Floki Inuversity, NFT, Flokiplaces (merchandise marketplace), and a metaverse NFT gaming Valhalla.

Floki Inu currency runs on both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance smart chain. It should be mentioned that the user community of this cryptocurrency is called 'Floki Vikings.' This project aims to achieve its ambitious goals through this community. So, we can make sure that the huge and amazing user community can be one of the most powerful factors in the success of this project.

As we mentioned in the part of Shiba Inu, cryptocurrency was called the Dogecoin killer. At the same time, Foki Inu was created after Shiba Inu and claimed to be the killer of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Floki Inu wants to be among the list of best shitcoins 2022 and create a huge revolution in the crypto market. Floki Inu tends to get away from the memecoin and make something beyond that in order to to provide incredible features like a native marketplace.

According to news and websites, this crypto has a huge number of holders, and it is going to provide various features for the user community and help them to provide this shitcoins list 2023.

Creators and developers of this cryptocurrency described their goal in order to create this project as follows: Floki Inu was created in order to make a functional platform with a close user community and users will be rewarded for staking their tokens. This project has three functional factors called NFT Gaming Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, and Educational Content Platform that developers expect to be under more attention than other sectors.

Baby DogeCoin

The next shitcoin we want to explain and introduce is Baby dogecoin, with a huge number of fans and followers. Because of the name of this cryptocurrency, Baby Dogecoin is very similar to the popular shitcoin named Dogecoin. So, we can make sure that they mentioned cryptocurrency does not need any protection. This cryptocurrency has been billed as the child of Dogecoin.

Baby DogeCoin

One important thing about all shitcoins in this list is that most of the time, they were inspired by the idea of Dogecoin. This is after the support of Elon Musk of Dogecoin and the incredible price rise. As a result, we can say that Baby Dogecoin has the same situation, and its price will easily rise just the same as Dogecoin.

For example, the price of baby dogecoin rose around 1000% just two weeks after its launch in June 2021. Such a spike in the price of this cryptocurrency can be attributed to Elon Musk's support for this cryptocurrency. He represented his support for this cryptocurrency with his tweet regarding Baby Dogecoin in the shitcoins list 2023.

It should be mentioned that only 24 hours after Elon musk's tweet, the price of this cryptocurrency shut up by 228.3%. If you do some research about this token, you will realize that baby dogecoin has an improved transaction speed in contrast to the original name coin.

Baby Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency without any underlying technology. It means that the mentioned token has performance, and it runs on the Binance smart chain. The staking system of this platform is designed in such a way as to reward the wallets of its holders with every transaction. It means that when a user starts transacting this cryptocurrency, the fear of this transaction will be reported to the holder's wallet.

You need to know that Baby Dogecoin currency has no performance and use in the real world. However, the main reason for this cryptocurrency's demand is its focus on charity. Each transaction in this system has a 5% fee that is specified for holders' wallets, and the charity wallet determines 2.2% of this price.

The best part of Baby Dogecoin is these charity performances. Another important part of such activities is what is in Washington. In this event, baby dogecoin has donated around $75,000 to Paws with Cause which is a non-profit in Washington, and is a place for local dog shelters.

 2 Baby DogeCoin

But who created Baby Dogecoin? In this part, we will tell you about the developers of this cryptocurrency that is one of the shitcoins list 2023. Since it is a shitcoin, we have no valid information about the developers of this token. But based on the official website of Baby Dogecoin, the online community of this crypto has been founded on this beloved token.

But what is the real developer of this cryptocurrency? Official websites and sources claim that the developer of this memecoin is a person named Christian Campisi, who is an environmentalist and he also is a supporter of dogs. 

But we have researched this claim and found out that most official sources also approved of this fact. So, we can say that Christian Campisi created this cryptocurrency for charitable purposes. On the other hand, since the name of this person is not appeared on the official website of Baby Dogecoin, we cannot definitely declare Christian as a founder of this cryptocurrency.

1Inch Network

Some specialists in the smart contract created 1Inch Network in 2020. At the core of this cryptocurrency, it is a decentralized exchange that lets users compare all prices for their money across several websites. The local and native token of this platform is 1Inch.

1Inch is a really functional and utility token as well as governance crypto. As a token holder, you can easily purchase this cryptocurrency which is one of the best shitcoins list 2023 and hold it for the future. The reason is that felon crypto is one of the upcoming shitcoins. It means that you are able to invest in it for the long term. The best part of 1inch Network is its unique protocol. In this protocol, 1inch Network can easily distribute trade orders automatically.

If you still do not know the meaning of this cryptocurrency, we will tell you later. 1Inch Network is a Dex aggregator. But what is a Dex aggregator? If a user wants to receive the maximum number of tokens while swapping, they need to search the rate of tokens in various exchanges. The main task of the aggregator is to find the best rate among these exchanges. 

1Inch Network

In addition, it also uses a liquidity pool in different exchanges in order to provide the number of order tokens. Another positive part of this cryptocurrency is that you are able to convert Ether and all ERC-20-based Ethereum tokens into just one transaction.

The great performance of 1Inch Network caused us to solve all the liquidity problems in transactions. Various algorithms can easily divide each order between various protocols, such as Uniswap and other similar ones. On the other hand, transaction fees on this network are significantly lower than Ethereum network transactions.

Since 1Inch Network, one of the most popular shitcoins list 2023, launched in February, it had associated with various projects to have better crypto mining. These projects include Opium, Vesper, Ren, and ARCx.

Samoyed Coin

One of the examples of shitcoins is Samoyed Coin which is based on Solana with a lot of potential. This cryptocurrency turns into one of the most popular and frequent shitcoins in May of 2021. Some of the stars of the Solana ecosystem with fast-growing progress include Dogecoin and many other systems. Since this cryptocurrency was created recently, you can look at it as a great investment.

The local token of Samoyed Coin is called SAMO, and its purpose is to create social and recreational ownership. Developers and creators of this system chose cryptocurrency by inspiring Dogecoin. The cryptocurrency had a great rising price recently and nowadays, it is located in the #232 level of CoinMarketCap.

Samoyed Coin

It should be mentioned that Samoyed Coin is one of the most famous shitcoins in the world and a lot of investors and experts tend to invest in this crypto. So, fans of this cryptocurrency call the Samoyed Coin one of the most promising tokens in the crypto market. The developer team of this cryptocurrency consists of professionals and experts in this field with extensive expertise.

SAMO is slowly becoming powerful in the crypto market because its community is growing at a fast speed, and we have placed it among the best shitcoins list 2023. If you want to start investing in a coin such as SAMO, you need to gain enough information about the basics of this project and its other aspects.

But what features are included in the Samoyed Coin? In order to answer this question, you have to know that the developer team of this cryptocurrency over the summer declared that they had begun a specific scheme that helps users to burn tokens. Based on this plan, more than 500 million SAMO tokens burn every month.

This platform has other features which are still under development, and they are going to be introduced in the next weeks. One of these features includes Samo Tips that whose purpose is to help users in order to create a tip portal in the Solana ecosystem. This feature is to generate HTML codes on this system.

On the other hand, there is another feature in this ecosystem called providing distribution campaigns and airdrops to users. This job is also done for the Solana ecosystem. The last point about Samoyed Coin is about its exchange. This cryptocurrency has its own decentralized exchange called mo DEX. This allows users to trade SAMO tokens with other Solana-based tokens easily and directly.

Samoyed Coin


Just like another shitcoins list 2023 that we mentioned in the current list, LuckyBlock was created with a strategy in the hope of attracting community support as well as recruiting investors. We can consider this shitcoin as a revolution in online gaming. These are gambling successes as well as memecoin value rises.

This cryptocurrency has a huge number of followers on social media networks so far. At the same time, its training volume has also increased, and it is different from $1 to $16 million per day.

It is worth remembering that the money of this shitcoin is still in work. However, LuckyBlock has an endurance rising diagram, and since it was 75% lower in price than its peak, it could maintain a positive upswing and solid trade volume.

LuckyBlock uses blockchain technology in order to develop a decentralized betting platform. This project helps to solve various problems in the current system, such as security, liquidity, and even late payment.

However, this project has a long way to go, and it is developing continuously. LuckyBlock currency was created in late January 2022, and it has not been held for a staking event yet. Another purpose of this cryptocurrency is to make its system forever and more profitable.


Final thoughts

To wrap up, we have mentioned just some of the top shitcoins 2022 that you can invest in them. On the above page, we have explained everything about shitcoins list 2023 and other years. You need to know that one of the reasons that we have mentioned these shitcoins is their sudden rising cost. 

As we mentioned in the current article, one of the most common trends among these shitcoins is that they have massive popularity in the crypto market, and then many investors may forget them, and they lose their value. These coins are just simple copies of well-known memecoins such as Dogecoin. It is worth remembering that the mentioned shitcoins can naturally gain popularity and focus after getting hyped by celebrities and famous people on social media platforms.

Generally, shitcoins are bound to be volatile, and they have a low tendency to memecoins. But what is your idea about these coins? Do you think they are worth it to invest in? In order to answer these questions, look at the list of shitcoins to buy in order to invest in shitcoins. That's all!

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